COPRA #1-3

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Rating: 4.5/5 – Recommended Reading!

I was introduced to this wonderful self-published series by someone on a comics forum (which is a great reason to participate in the on-line comics community, you can get turned on to lots of great stuff you’d have otherwise missed).  Creator Michel Fiffe prints up small batches of these & sells them on his web-site  Issue #3 was current when I discovered this series so I got a 1st print, but have 2nd printings of the 1st 2 issues.  Even at that, there are less than 1000 of each issue out there, just waiting for more people to discover this hidden gem.

What we get is an introduction to a super-hero universe populated by many standard super-hero archetypes that will seem familiar to readers with a background in reading mainstream comics, but done with a decidedly indie twist.  The story revolves around a mysterious force from beyond, embodied in a strange fragment, the heroes who via misadventure in #1 become hunted themselves, and some delightfully weird bad guys (Vitas in #1, Dy Dy in #2, and Gary in #2 & 3).

The real selling point for me is the art.  Rough around the edges but with an undeniable charm, Fiffe’s sense of style is pronounced.  Think Matt Kindt crossed with JH Williams III as a very broad and wholly inadequate analogy of the art.  Issue #2 was particularly good with some truly spectacular page layouts and artistic effects done to show off the powers of characters in the story.

I’m on board with this book and look forward to Fiffe being able to keep to the declared monthly schedule.  Check out a 6-page preview of #1 here:   This preview is what sold me on the series & got me to make my purchase.   If you’re a fan of super-hero stories that are a bit off the furrowed path tread heavily each month by Marvel & DC, check out COPRA, a breath of fresh air and a really unique artistic vision.   Covering the full spectrum of comics culture

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