Batman Incorporated #12 (DC)


 Rating: 4/5 – Still a fun ride

After last month’s one off story written by regular Artist Chris Burnham, we are back on track with Grant Morrison at the helm and continuing his Leviathan story.

When last we left, Batman was on his way to taking the fight to Talia and her Leviathan solider.  This issue does not disappoint with the action, intrigue, and pure fun we have come to expect from this series.  Batman is ramped up for battle.  We see some side story with Wingman and the Robins but the best parts of this book are still the Batman encounters.  He and Leviathan go head to head is some amazing panels drawn by Burnham.  The pure savagery of Batman comes through as he blames Leviathan for the death of his son.

If you have been following this series, you’ll be happy with this issue.  The ending is in sight based on the last pages of this issue.  Personally, I don’t want this to end.  From the beginning, we have been taken on a fantastic ride through the Batman universe that only Grant could tell, Chris Burnham on pencils was just the icing on the cake.  There have been great Batman teams before and Morrison/Burnham belong on the list of those great teams.  These two working together just make a good fun comic that I am glad to read every month.

Reviewed by: Chris Stark – Covering the full spectrum of comics culture

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