The Walking Dead #112 (Image)


Rating: 5/5 – Holy Crap!  Kirkman, you never cease to surprise me!

I’ve been reading Walking Dead for a long time in monthly issues, since WAY before the TV series.  I say that because I like the TV show and the comic and they are both very different creatures.  By the nature of the medium they are different, and by the nature of the format itself reading The Walking Dead in the monthly issues gives a very different story experience than reading it in larger chunks, e.g. trade paperback collections, what the media likes to call “Graphic Novels” but which are actually collections of comic book issues.

The storyline with The Hilltop and Negan (the new Governor-esque bad guy) has been going on for a while and Kirkman has been dishing out plot-twists and surprises all along the way.   What I love about his writing is the fact that he typically advances the story and provides some action in most issues and also ends many issues off on very gripping “Holy Crap!” moments that really make me want to come back and see what’s going to happen next.  I then dutifully wait a month before I get the next installment.   That makes it a fundamentally different read than powering through 6 or 12 (or more) issues at a time.  I like that experience.

In all that I’ve not really said anything specific about this issue.  Here’s the scoop: Kirkman sets you up to believe things are going to go one way and then he twists it around 180 degrees and it goes someplace else.  And that new place make perfect sense in the context of the continuing story.  I’m left with “How is this situation going to resolve itself?” and a 30-day wait.  And I love it.

Reviewed by: Bob Bretall – Covering the full spectrum of comics culture

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