Prophet #37 (Image)


Rating: 3.5/5 – Sci-Fi Comics At Its Best and Weirdest

It’s amazing that a book like Prophet even exists. It’s a comic book that was started in the nineties by Rob Liefeld. It was then restarted in 2012, by Brandon Graham and Simon Roy. It’s now gone seventeen issues and every issue is a sci-fi treat. This is far out there sci-fi, with grand ideas and even grander alien worlds. Prophet is about a man named John who awakens far in the future. He has special forces level fighting abilities and later learns that he’s a clone. Although this iteration is a very different Prophet than was created by Liefeld.

Giannis Milonogiannis is both writer and artist for this issue. Brandon Graham has written the majority of the Prophet issues and is taking the month off. Milonogiannis has previously done the art, but this is his first issue on writing. His writing is sparse but he’s still got some really great sci-fi ideas. The alien technology presented in here is very forward thinking. Each issue of Prophet always has some really unique aspects about it. That’s part of the experience each month in Prophet, discovering what mind bending things you’ll find on the pages. Still, there’s a beginning, middle and end to this story, which is appreciated.

The art is very different than what you’ll find in most any other comic books. It’s a blend of gritty Manga style with european sensibilities. The way the art makes you feel extremely small in a much larger alien landscape is difficult to do on a small comic book page. The simple coloring is used for setting moods and always moving along the story. Coloring in comic books can often be over rendered for the sake of adding more to the page. Following the story in Prophet can be a bit challenging at times. But that’s part of the fun with this and a lot of sci-fi stories. This comic book is sci-fi at it’s best and weirdest. It deserves to be on the shelves right along side the other great sci-fi comics of its time.

Reviewed by: Ian Gowan – Covering the full spectrum of comics culture

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