Gamma #1 (Dark Horse)


Rating: 3/5 – Fun Little Story About a Man and His Monsters

This is the story of a down and out loser who tries to get his game back on. Our main character, Dusty, starts his day in a bar getting pummeled by patrons for fifty bucks a pop. He lives in a seemingly post-apocalyptic world overrun with monsters of the Godzilla kind. These one shots coming out of the Dark Horse Presents (DHP) anthologies are always worth a look. These are the stories that were broken up among three issues of a $7.99 DHP, and are now available in a handy 2.99 book.

The creators aren’t afraid to wear their pop culture influences on their sleeves. There’s almost direct references, without branding of course, to the Power Rangers, Voltron, Legos, and mainly Godzilla. Finding all the references on the pages of this book is what makes it so fun. All the art, including lettering and coloring, is by Ulises Farinas. Comic books with art all by one artist are very appealing. There’s a clearer vision in the art that shows through on the page. The style of art is cartoonish and it fits the comedic tone of the book. The cover alone sold me on this issue. There’s a cloud mass of silly monsters and you’ve got to look at it up close to capture all the little details.

Anytime I laugh out loud while reading a comic book, then it’s worth my time. The story is by both Ulises Farinas and Erik Freitas. The story can a bit sporadic, and not easy to follow. The silliness of it all may contribute to its lack of a smooth story flow. There were a few too many inside jokes and pop culture references for me to catch. Don’t let the cartoon-ish look of the book fool you, this one is for older teens and adults. All in all, this is a very fun one-shot that is certainly worth your time. I’d buy the next issue, if and when, since this is a one-shot, another full issue comes out. These former DHP stories now as one-shots, tend to be the best comics shaking out of those anthologies.

Reviewed by: Ian Gowan – Covering the full spectrum of comics culture

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