Fantastic Four #10 (Marvel)


Rating: 4.5/5 – Fantastic Fraction!

Thanks to a few work related activities I got a little bit behind on my regular reading. When this usually happens I sit down and try to power through a bunch of books to catch up. When I hit Fantastic Four #10 in my stack, I had to stop and reread it. It was simply an amazing comic.

In the current storyline, the Fantastic Four are suffering from a molecular breakdown and have taken to time travel to try to find potential cures. The current issue brings us to Philadelphia in 1776 and the drafting of the Declaration of Independence.

What follows is an amazing look at history, not only the birth of the United States but early issues of the Fantastic Four as well. Fraction is pitch perfect telling two simultaneous stories with poise and finesse and examining some societal issues in a way that is not preachy but intriguing.

This comic made me want to jump online and read everything I could about Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin in a way that no textbook or history lecture ever could. This was an exciting and fun romp, especially the ending of the story.

One of the biggest challenges writers have is capturing children’s dialogue effectively. In the case of Valeria Richards, that challenge is magnified because she has a genius level intellect. How Fraction writes Valeria is uniquely brilliant and transforms her into a three dimensional character of which I cannot get enough.

If Fraction was a baseball player, I’d be calling him into the league office checking him for performance enhancing drugs and asking him if he has been hanging out with A-Rod at biogenesis. Everything he has been writing for Marvel is top notch Eisner worthy material. He has resurrected Hawkeye and made Fantastic Four and FF one of the best sub-universes on the stands.

What I think I like best is that Fraction has a compelling long form story, but each individual issue stands on its own. Any issue Fraction has written since the advent of Marvel NOW! you can pick up and simply read.

Overall this is a great comic and one that transcends the medium. I highly recommend you go out and grab yourself a copy and enjoy.

Reviewed by: Hank Johnson – Covering the full spectrum of comics culture

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1 Response to Fantastic Four #10 (Marvel)

  1. Shawn Hoklas says:

    Really love this FF series. You’re right on that each issue can be enjoyed on its own. It’s a nice departure from the multi-part stories that we’re used to. And you’re right on with Valeria. Great development of that character!

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