Superior Spider-Man #17 (Marvel)


Rating: 4.5/5 – He’s back, back from the future!

You have to admire Dan Slott’s writing.  Not just the story he tells but the web he weaves within that story.  Recently I just re-read the entire run of Spider-Man 2099 by Peter David.  It was a great book and one of the bright spots from the 2099 universe.  Since the book ended, we have seen the future wall-crawler appear in a few Marvel titles.  Most recently, he was a member of the Exiles.  However, during the Age of Ultron, we saw a shattered panel of the cover to this issue featuring Spidey 2099.

The story itself is well plotted.  Slott obviously takes his history seriously.  The first few pages of the issue take place in 2099 where it seems ripped from the original series.  We have Miguel O’Hara, Tyler Stone, and the Public Eye.  The premise is that Alchemax has discovered that in 2013, someone broke the timestream.  Dinosaurs and redcoats are popping up in the future and Tyler is vanishing from existence.  This causes Spidey a problem as Tyler is actually revealed to be Miguel’s father back in the original series.

In present day, Max Modell is arrested for various charges and Horizon labs becomes the property of Liz Allen and Al Chem. Liz comes in and appoints former Horizon employee Tiberius Stone as acting supervisor.  Again, we get to see the genius of Slott at writing.  When Spider-Man 2099 arrives, he ends up right in the middle of what he thinks is Alchemax, but actually is Horizon Labs.  Now he did travel through time but not space so he is in the exact spot where he left from.  But this is Horizon, and currently run by Al-Chem and supervised by Stone.  The threads are coming together just as years back when Kurt Busiek had Stark International join with Fujikawa to form the future version of that company.

And not to be left out, Ryan Stegman provides amazing pencils yet again.  I’ve been personally waiting for art from this issue to go on sale and most of it is already sold.  The original Spidey 2099 artist, Rick Leonardi, was very clean and crisp.  Jim Califore also had a clean take on Spider-Man on the exiles.  However, Ryan adds a bit of grit and sketchiness with his lines.  It’s a nice touch only used very slightly but it impacts the art immensely.

As you can tell, this title just keeps getting better and better.  Slott has proven to be a great writer many times over and his work on the Spider-Man saga is taking comic story-telling to new levels.

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1 Response to Superior Spider-Man #17 (Marvel)

  1. Shawn Hoklas says:

    SO looking forward to reading this! Also was going to try and get the trade of the 2099 series. I remember reading the first 10 issues or so and enjoying them back in the day! Nice review.

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