Angel Falling OGN (Big City/Zenescope)


Rating: 3.5/5 – Don’t judge this book by it’s cover.

You get a lot of comics for your money in this 100 page OGN with a list price of $9.99.  The story was a different from what I was expecting.  It was not a supernatural story involving angels fallen from heaven.  It was an action thriller involving our 2 main characters, Angel (aka Three) and Five (aka Connor), on the run from a covert Government Agency that has been breeding/training perfect warriors for years.

The story opens when Angel wakes up in a Brooklyn alley on top of a dumpster, topless, angel wings tattooed on her back.  Of course, a gang of toughs come upon her and make unsavory advances given that this gorgeous young woman is topless in an alley, they’d have to give back their Thug Union cards if they didn’t try to attack her.  She doesn’t know who she is or why she’s in the alley, but she can fight.  Five comes along and helps her with the gang and then they are off for another 90 some pages of action mixed in with  well-done flashbacks that reveal motives and build the characters.

Jeff Kaufman would have been better served if he skipped the overt cheesecake opening the issue.  I always hate it when a writer goes with a topless woman for titillation but then has to have her doing everything with an arm across her breasts to keep the comic suitable for teen readers.  Put her in a bra if you must.  If you want to go topless, go full topless and just let it be what it is without the coy scenes of something obscuring the nipples.  This trope does not add anything for me to the opening pages, but maybe will sell a few extra copies to teenage boys.  I hesitated to emphasize this in my review since it’s only on 6 of ~100 pages, but it really hit me as awkward out of the gate.

Once Kaufman has the faux nudity out of his system he moves into a very credible thriller as we move from scene to scene with occasional guest appearances from characters in his earlier OGNs Whore (actually about a hit-man who sells his services to the highest bidder, not the more common definition of the title term) and Terminal Alice (about five female contract killers).  It was a nice touch, tying together the Kaufman-verse this way, and it made sense to do since Angel and Five were being hunted down with an outstanding contract on them.

The bulk of this story is solid action and would not be out of place as a B-movie script.  If you’re a fan of action with ample helpings of fights and gun-play intermixed with some really nice character building for the main protagonists, check out Angel Falling.  If you like this one, look for Kaufman’s earlier OGNs, he’s got a good grasp on this genre.

Reviewed by: Bob Bretall – Covering the full spectrum of comics culture

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