Captain America #11 (Marvel)

Cap 11

Rating: 3/5 – An emotional story that lacks feel.

Captain America’s adventure in Dimension Z is over.  After twelve years in Arnim Zola’s alternate world, Steve Rogers went through a lot that included the loss of his adopted son and his long time love interest, Sharon Carter.  During that same twelve years, only minutes have passed in the real world so again, he’s a man out of time and trying to cope with change.  Issue eleven of Captain America is more of a healing issue for Cap, while laying some groundwork that will lead us into the next storyline.

The first thing that stood out to me in this issue was the art.  I really enjoyed John Romita’s art in the first ten issues, but with this issue the art transitions over to Carlos Pacheco.  I’ve enjoyed his work in the past, but here, it’s as though he’s taken his style and modeled it after Romita’s art to make his transition onto the book not so abrupt.  It could also have a bit to do with inker Klaus Janson who’s been inking Romita’s work for quite some time, but in some panels, especially those dealing with the new character Jet, or in the flashbacks to Steve’s youth, it looked similar to what we’ve been used to from this series.  The art is strong, and Pacheco definitely uses less lines giving the art a cleaner and softer style.

In regards to the story, there are some nice character moments with Steve as a child as he copes with the loss of his mother, and how those losses relate to those mentioned above.  We also get to see how Jet starts to fit into this new world, and B-level villain Nuke shows up which looks as though will lead Cap into his next confrontation.  For the most part I enjoyed this issue, but the emotional beats of the story didn’t have the effect it was going for and the appearance of Nuke felt as though it was just forced in to move the story along.  I was such a fan of the first storyline that I’m on board to see what writer Rick Remender will put Cap through next, I just felt that this issue could have had some stronger emotional moments for all that Cap has been through and lost.

Reviewed by: Shawn Hoklas – Covering the full spectrum of comics culture

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