Uncanny X-Men #12 (Marvel)


Rating: 3/5 – Nothing really happens…really.

I’ve really enjoyed the Battle of the Atom series that has been crossing over through the X-Men books.  It’s been a fun, easy to understand and follow storyline that’s introduced us to some pretty cool characters with the X-Men team from the future.  Although the series has been great so far, this issue although good was the least enjoyable.  That’s because very little happens.  Now, for a Bendis book that’s usually ok as his dialogue and character interactions are so strong, but in this issue it felt a bit drawn out and unfortunately didn’t move the story along.

The young Jean Grey and Scott Summers after leaving the All New X-Men team, look to the Uncanny team for sanctuary and help.  Unfortunately the older Cyclops is the only one who wants to help the two.  Most everyone else feels that their being here is disrupting the time stream, and endangering the future.  Arguments happen, disagreements begin and well…that’s about it.  The settings move from one team to the next giving the reader differing viewpoints, but I felt as though we’ve already seen these same arguments, and I was looking forward to the story moving forward.  It looks as though that may happen with the next issue, as the final page sets up a potentially exciting fight for the midway point of the series, but it didn’t happen here.  

Chris Bachalo’s art as always is fantastic.  His art always feels so up-close.  He puts the “camera” at some really great angles that gives the page layout some great depth.  My only complaint with his art is when he puts the characters up so forward, and then shadows them with Ben-Day dots.  With the the modern styling and coloring of Bachalo’s art, this makes the character who’s shadowed this way seem out of place on the page.  Almost as though they’re pasted onto the page afterwards.  It came off as distracting.  Again, it’s a minor complaint to what’s overall fantastic work.

As we reach the midway point of this series, I’m ready for it to pick up speed again.  After a great opening with the previous three parts, I’m hoping this series doesn’t lose its momentum.

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