Sex Criminals #1 (Image)


Rating: 4.5/5 – A true “feel good” comic…

I honestly had no pre-conceived notions of this book.  Upon walking into the shop Wednesday, I didn’t even know what it was.  All I saw was Matt Fraction’s name on the title and that was enough.  I have this relationship with certain writers.  90% of the time, I enjoy their work 100% of the time.  Fraction is one of those.  And this was one of those 90% that I truly enjoyed.

The story is about a young girl with very little in life.  Suzanne’s dad has died, she seems to have no real friends at school, and her mom has become a shell of what she once was.  So our narrator tells the story of how she learned the ins and outs of the birds and the bees in a truly enjoyable tale.

Of course Fraction throws in a nice hitch.  Upon pleasuring herself, Suzy can stop time.  At first, she has no idea what it is, and as we learn, she finds out no one else does either.  Chip Zdarski does a fantastic job on art in all aspects, but these stop motion scenes are amazing.  Zdarski’s use of line and color (with the help of Becka Kinzie) makes is truly remarkable.  The cover is also a thing of beauty.  Something about minimal looking covers just speaks so much better than a visual explosion that we have been accustomed to.  This reminds me of something I would see from David Aja on Hawkeye or those Iron Man by Design covers from Stark Disassembled.  White, black, and pink, and a great design are all this book required.

Fraction also uses humor throughout the book.  At first, the line “The jokes are coming” was confusing and quickly got old, until you get further into the book.  There is quite a bit of humor starting with Suzanne trying to learn about sex from various people and extending on to the 4th wall narration.  Fraction even throws in some quips on the title page and back cover.  “You’ve been reading Sex Criminals, shame on you.”

But why Sex Criminals?  Well we do find out some reasoning behind that toward the end.  But why ruin it.  It’s a fun ride and go enjoy it for yourself.

Reviewed by: Shawn Hoklas – Covering the full spectrum of comics culture

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