Justice League #23.4 (DC)

JL 23.4

Rating: 4/5 – Taking a dark visit to Earth 3.

Justice League #23.4 featuring the Secret Society is probably the closest thing to a required read for the Forever Evil event.  Although it’s not necessary to read to this issue to enjoy DC’s big event, some of the major happenings from that 1st issue make more sense after reading this book.  Geoff Johns and Sterling Gates give us more backstory into Earth 3, they explain the origin of the Outsider while getting us excited for what will come next in Forever Evil number two.

Szymon Kudranski handles the art in this issue and he’s able to capture the dark overtones of Earth 3.  Although at times his shadows can be a bit too heavy taking away from the facial expressions, I really think it gave the world an oppressive feel.  Szymon draws many panels from unique perspectives that add to the overall look of the book.  For example, in one scene we see just the boots of Owl Man as he’s running across the rooftops.  Not being able to see the full figure in that panel added to the impact when we did get the full page reveal.  There were a couple minor storytelling panels that could have been drawn differently to better tell the story, but overall I really enjoyed the art.

Geoff Johns rewards readers who have been following his Justice League series since the beginning by flashing back to some early scenes from those issues.  It was great to see the flashback to the Outsider from an epilogue scene in Justice League, and it was great to see the reveals of how and why the Outsider came to be.  It pays homage to bronze age Batman tales, while feeling fresh in this New 52 universe.  I really enjoyed this title and hope more will be done with this Earth.  Let’s hope we haven’t seen the last of it.

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