Pretty Deadly #1 (Image)

Pretty Deadly1

Rating: 4.5/5 – If at first you do not read, try, try again.

Pretty Deadly is a supernatural western.  The story of Deathface Ginny, Death’s daughter who “rides the wind on a horse made of smoke and her face bears the skull marks of her father”.  That’s what the solicitation text tells us.

I was first exposed to Kelly Sue Deconnick’s writing over at Marvel comics on the Osborn mini-series in 2011 focusing on Norman Osborn, the original Green Goblin.  I remember picking it up because of the Emma Rios art, I had been a fan of Rios from back in her days at Boom! illustrating Hexed back in 2008 (a great series and worth picking up).  So, there I was reading Osborn.  I was a fan of the character, I was a fan of the artist, but Deconnick’s writing just didn’t click with me.  It wasn’t bad, the story just didn’t resonate.  Next up was Supergirl #65-67 over at DC.  Again, it didn’t appeal to me.  I tried her again on Captain Marvel & Avengers Assemble at Marvel.  Nope.  I could not get into the writing.

I could have just said “I’ve tried it time and again, I’m going to avoid Deconnick’s writing from now on” when I saw Pretty Deadly solicited (re-teaming Deconnick with her Osborn collaborator Emma Rios).  But then I though of Rick Remender.  I have LOVED almost everything creator-owned from him that I’ve read; Strange Girl, Sea of Red, Fear Agent, Last Days of American, Crime, etc.   On the other hand, I’ve had a pretty universal dislike for everything he’s ever done at Marvel.  Same guy, but I just can’t get into his work on super-heroes while loving his un-caped creator owned work.  I had never read a creator-owned book by Deconnick and I was eager to see if she would fall into the “Remender zone” for me.  I’m glad I did.

I enjoyed this issue quite a lot.  Deconnick’s characters, characterizations, dialogue, everything about this fell right into place for me.  I liked it from page 1.  The highlight of the issue for me was Sissy’s recounting of the “Saga of Deathface Ginny” as visualized by Rios’ amazing artistry.   The only thing I can really hold against the issue is that I’d have liked to have seen a scene with Ginny interacting with the rest of the cast, but I can understand the desire to pace the introduction the way it was handled.

So, I can now say I’m a fan of Deconnick’s creator-owned Pretty Deadly.  I’m on board for this series and I look forward to future creator-owned project from her.  Emma Rios has always been on my “happy” list.  Her art just makes me smile even when she’s illustrating something pretty grim (or, dare I say, pretty deadly).  Her storytelling, page designs, and panel layouts are always a pleasure to experience, and it’s no different here.  This series is highly recommended, it could very easily become Image’s next runaway hit.  Check it out!

Reviewed by: Bob Bretall – Covering the full spectrum of comics culture

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  1. Cool book. I’d like to check this one out.

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