Justice League #24 (DC)

Rating: 4/5 – Ultraman’s dark origin by Johns and Reis.

This issue of Justice League shows again just how dark the Justice League, and the DC Universe can potentially get.  Like Infinite Crisis or Identity Crisis before it, this issue of Justice League shows the darker side of the DC Villains and just what type of threat they could be.  This issue dives into the origin of Ultraman, and provides us with his motivations and reasons for his thoughts and actions. It’s a beautiful book to look at with Ivan Reis handling the art, and except for some corny dialogue, the book proves to be an entertaining read.

Most of this issue is dedicated to telling Ultraman’s origin.  It’s a pretty easy one to understand in that he’s pretty much Superman’s opposite, and not the BIzarro type of opposite.  Although all the events in his origin are similar to Superman’s, this issue dives into detail on just how different they are.  We see a very different and depressing Kent family and a much different and scary Krypton and Kal-IL family.  It ultimately paints the picture of what might happen if Superman didn’t have the upbringing he was fortunate to have, and instead was taught to ultimately take everything for himself.  Writer Geoff Johns writes a compelling story that you want to see continue, but unfortunately ends with the reader having to go into issue three of Forever Evil.  Instead of seeing how it all plays out in detail in the next issue of Justice League, it may instead have a smaller part in the overall story of the Forever Evil mini-series and that’s unfortunate.

I can’t say enough about Ivan Reis’ art.  He’s so consistent in his quality each and every month.  It makes me wish that his art could be seen in the main Forever Evil series.  I do feel he’s more equipped to handle all the different characters that series has had, but I’m glad to see him on a title like the Justice League.  He’s able to make Ultraman look frightening, and the last few pages leaves you wanting to see more.  He’s such a capable artist and it shows in this issue as he’s able to clearly portray the explosive action, and then set the mood for the dark and quiet moments of the story.  He proves yet again why he’s one of the best artists working today.

Johns and Reis prove yet again why they work so well together.  Hopefully this story gets the continuation that it deserves in the next issue of Forever Evil.

Reviewed by: Shawn Hoklas – shawn@comicspectrum.com
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