Damian: Son of Batman #1 (DC)


Rating: 3/5 – Not the Damian you know, or may want to.

I’m not the biggest fan of Damian Wayne, but towards the end of the character’s life I really felt that he came into his own.  I finally came around to becoming a fan of the character, and then he was gone.  With Damian being a Grant Morrison creation, I was good with Grant Morrison being the one to kill him off.  Although sad to see him go at the end, I respected Grant’s choice to do what he did with the character as he’s stated that it was his plan all along.  So when I saw the first issue of Damian: Son of Batman, I was curious to see just how and why Damian was back.

Andy Kubert handles both the writing and the art for this issue.  And while the story is entertaining enough, I’m just not sure that the personalty that comes across in this older Damian fits what we’ve seen from him in Grant’s portrayal.  After a tragic accident involving Batman happens, which doesn’t portray Batman as the brilliant detective that he is, Damian has to cope with the loss and find his place.  It’s here that the characterization misses the mark.  This is not the Damian we’ve come to know, so it’s hard to accept that this is the same character.  Also, and what makes this story less enjoyable, is that you have no idea where this story takes place.  Is it in the New 52…an alternate future…an Elseworlds?  You just don’t know, so you don’t have the context of how this would fit in with the rest of the Batman Family.

Andy’s art in this book though is a plus.  At times his art is a bit over dramatic, which unfortunately matches some of Damian’s reactions at time, but for the most part his art is vibrant and exciting.  Unfortunately Batman isn’t in the book too much as I always to love to see Andy’s rendition of him.  And although it’s not often mentioned, the paper quality in the book does the art justice.  DC doesn’t use the glossy pages in this book, allowing the colors and art to be seen without the glare.  It’s a minor point yes, but I noticed it when reading so I thought I’d make a mention of it here.  DC…please use this paper more often!

Overall if you’re a big fan of Damian, then I wouldn’t recommend this book to you as it’s not the Damian you’re familiar with.  The art is strong, but probably not strong enough to justify the $3.99.  I’d recommend waiting for the trade to see how it all ends up, and just where this storyline fits into current continuity.

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  2. Robert says:

    Good review

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