Action Comics #25 (DC)


Rating: 3.5/5 – Great art for an inexperienced Superman.

I haven’t kept up on Action Comics since Grant Morrison left the title.  What brought me back to this series was the new creative team of Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder.  Although I haven’t been a huge fan of Pak’s DC work on the Superman Batman series with Jae Lee, but I thought I’d give this book a try as I’m generally a fan of his.  I’m pretty glad I did.  It’s a simple straight forward story that has Superman battling an intense storm in the wake of Zero Year.

Pak writes a young Superman still getting used to his powers.  He’s hasn’t perfected them.  He’s actually far from it as he makes a couple mistakes with those powers in this issue by either overcompensating, or not knowing his own strength.  As a powerful storm threatens the east coast, Superman decides to battle this force of nature, calling himself a “force of nature”.  As Lana Lang is trapped on one of the boats caught in the storm, it’s up to Superman to save the day.  Again, pretty straight forward, but it’s well written and has a “Perfect Storm” feel to it.  My only complaint with the issue is at times Superman seemed to be a bit out of character from what I’m used to.  There’s a particular scene where Superman is battling an evil group called the Supremacists.  After defeating them, one of the captured Supremecists starts to cry.  As Superman sees this, he begins to laugh at him saying, “I can’t help myself”.  It felt out of character and made him in that particular scene come across as unheroic. We’ll see how Pak continues to write Superman’s characterization, but it does have me a bit concerned.

In regards to the art I couldn’t be happier.  Kuder uses a lot of lines in his work and the end result is superb.  There’s a lot of water in this issue, both in the storms and the ocean and Kuder makes you feel the weight and power of the storm and the waves.  He mixes up the panels on the page and never once repeats the same grid or page layout.  Because of that the book felt like it had movement.  I’ll be back for the next issue because of Kuder’s art and I’m looking forward to following his work.

The issue ends with a short little story at the end, similar to those found in Detective Comics.  As mentioned above, I’m glad I gave this issue a try and I’l be back for next issue.  I know I’ll be pleased with Kuder’s art, I’m hoping I can be just as pleased with Pak’s characterization of Superman.

Reviewed by: Shawn Hoklas – Covering the full spectrum of comics culture

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