Detective Comics #26 (DC)


Rating: 3.5/5 – Same old same old, but different.

I love Man-Bat. He is one of my favorite Batman villains. He is the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of Batman villains. There are thousands of great stories you can write with the character. He is a brilliant man in the body of a monster and vice versa. He is tormented, he wants to do the right thing but can’t.  The opportunities are endless for a heartbreaking story.

Instead of a really classic heartbreaking story we get Detective Comics #26. Let’s ignore the recent Man-Bat story arc and focus on this issue as a standalone filler issue, because that’s what it is. The creative team is getting ready for the next big arc “Gothtopia” and instead of doing anything remotely original they give us a Batman/Man-Bat story that is nothing special, nothing new, no excitement or disappointment. Very predictable, it’s just another Batman story.

By the last page it’s very clear what the creative team needed this book to be; a promo for “Gothtopia”.  I have no problem that, it is what it is, but at least have the decency to give us a solid promo, because after reading this issue I’m not interested.

If you want a jumping on point, this will work as that. If you like Batman, no harm will be done from reading the book.  It’s a typical Batman adventure, but you can find a lot that are better.

Reviewed by: Gilad Levin – Covering the full spectrum of comics culture

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