Nova #11 (Marvel)


Rating: 1/5 – Nova battles the evil plot holes!

Nova #11 is a prime example of how NOT to write a story. The new Nova series just hit its low point.

First and most of all, the writing is just terrible. Instead of delivering story and developing character that is needed after the cliffhanger from the last issue, Gerry Duggan is trying to tell a joke and break the forth wall every other page, which will usually work on Deadpool, which Duggan also writes, but did not work as well for me on Nova.  None of the jokes seemed funny and the dialog was obnoxious. The book is full of dialog that takes us nowhere. The storytelling completely ruins a story that if told right might have been good but was instead told in a way I found uninteresting and annoying.

This issue is full of unexplained and rushed events or situations that not only hurt the story, they also distract the reader. You can’t expect from anyone to take the book seriously if in one frame Sam is blind and in the next he’s not or when Sam somehow discovers a map whose presence was never really explained of specified.  And so on, as the plot holes mounted.

I wanted to like this issue.  I really did.  After last month’s cliffhanger I was looking forward to the exciting places new writer Gerry Duggan could take the story.  Of course, that never happened, instead we get a book I wish I had not spent money on.  On the positive side, Paco Medina’s art is decent and Sam’s little sister telling him that the Avengers TV Show sucks made me laugh.  Not enough to salvage the story but it was something.

Reviewed by: Gilad Levin – Covering the full spectrum of comics culture

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1 Response to Nova #11 (Marvel)

  1. I just read this (Bob). I didn’t think it was anywhere near as bad as Gilad did, I’d give it a 3/5. What Gilad interpreted as “breaking the fourth wall” I read as Sam talking to himself in an expository way to inform readers of what he was doing, given that thought balloons have fallen out of vogue in comics. He also spent some time talking to his “helmet”. Neither of these was breaking the fourth wall.

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