Justice League of America’s Vibe #10 (DC)


Rating: 4/5 – A great ending to a fairly unnecessary JLA spinoff series.

Vibe #10 tied up all loose ends from previous issues and it did it enjoyably.  While we had been randomly jumping from one story point to another and between timelines and dimensions, this issue stayed on target and delivered the story in a much clearer way. The story is told fluently by using flashbacks and I liked the way they were utilized. I really like the Vibe/A.R.G.U.S./Amanda Waller relationship and this issue kept developing the relationship until the last page.  On the downside, the story was very predictable, unlike the rest of the series that had been keeping me guessing.

The end of the issue, which was also the end of the series, kind of felt like it was taken out of the montage scenes from “Captain America: The First Avenger”. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but it could have been done differently.  Regardless, it was a nice ending, I really enjoyed the way writer Sterling Gates and artist Derliz Santacruz took us out of the series on a high note and I am looking forward to seeing Vibe again in the future.

This issue ends the New52 Vibe series but not the Vibe story. I’m sure he will play some major role in the DC Universe in the future.  While at times I found Gates’ writing on the series to be confusing and hard to follow, this final issue fixed all those problems and delivered a great ending to a fairly unnecessary JLA spinoff series.  Farewell Vibe!

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