Deceivers #1 (Boom!)


Rating: 4/5 – Sharp dialogue and compelling characters.
by ComicSpectrum EiC Bob Bretall.

Lincoln McCord is a professional.  Professional con man, professional…deceiver.  He’s an American  traveling around Europe making a living off the rich and elite.  Due to his chosen profession he’s also an acute observer of others, which he displays to good advantage in this issue.  Steven Grant (also known for Boom’s 2 Guns) is a master of clever plots/dialogue and he puts that mastery to work here.  From page 1 Grants sets off a chain of events, each flowing into the next, that carry the reader along through the issue and you’re transported into that world like when you’re watching a solid action/heist movie (think of the Ocean’s 11 or It Takes a Thief for the flavor, but this is in no way directly similar to either of those).

Ultimately this is a hard issue to review because going into too much detail on what I liked about it would also spoil the issue for anyone who has not read it yet.  Suffice to say Lincoln hooks up with Patrice Andauer and Janez Nikovic (Nicky) over the course of this issue and they get mixed up in a plot involving the international thief known only as Ulysses (which will be developed in future issues).  Cryptic, I know, but believe me, if you like intrigue and suspense mixed in with action wrapped up in a knife-sharp plot this is a comic you should be checking out.

Reviewed by: Bob Bretall
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