Sex Criminals #4 (Image)


Rating: 5/5 – This book is criminally good from cover to cover.
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Chris Stark.

Image was in the spotlight last week with their Image Expo and the plethora of titles announced.  But if you walked into your local comic shop and picked up Sex Criminals #4, you were treated with something great here and now.  I mean what I said in the first line of this review.  This book is fantastic from cover to cover.  The very first page is a summary, called the “preembus”, of what is going on and is worth the $3.50 cover price by itself.  The way it’s written is both so very dirty and so very hilarious.

As for the rest of the issue, we finally start to see the inner working of the story.  Our wonderful couple decides that with their time stopping gift, they can do all kinds of things in “The Quiet” and no one will be the wiser.  So how do they practice?  By rearranging a porn store of course.  And sure enough, when time resumes, chaos ensues.  Also in this issue, we meet the people that police the quiet.  And we get glimpses of their lives, we meet the head officer and where she comes from.  Everything continues to be done as fun and entertaining as possible.

Matt Fraction and Chip Zadarsky both sprinkle easter eggs and just comedy throughout the book.  Whether it be cleverly disguising a Queen song’s lyrics from a previous issue to Suzy dressed like the Hamburglar in front of a purple minivan, the book hits on every level to show just how off the wall it is.

To take things even further, read the letters column which is a further enhancement to the issue and is something readers often just skip.  In this particular issue, the guys take a few shots at one of the letter writers.  Very shaded on the bottom of each page are potshots at one of them and it gets worse, and harder to read with each page.  But the actual letter responses are both awkward and funny and worth the read.  Then, of course, the sex tips on top of each page are a source of knowledge and fun.  How else will you learn that sex is a great way to find out if your partner is a lousy lay or not?

So yes, from cover to cover, this book is worth every single of the three hundred and fifty pennies it costs.  So while you are thinking about one of the Kirkman, Spencer, or Snyder books coming out some time in 2014, check out one of the really good ones already on the stands.

Reviewed by: Chris Stark
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