Amazing X-Men #3 (Marvel)


Rating: 4/5 – Clichéd, but I didn’t care because it’s awesome!
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Gilad Levin.

Amazing X-Men #3 rehashes and retells every possible clichéd comic book story.  That being said- oh boy is it awesome! I don’t care if it’s the most clichéd story ever- it was a fun and extremely enjoyable story that Jason Aaron obviously enjoyed writing. Nightcrawler’s return/reappearance is explained nicely and the villain is as laughable as hell (ha ha get it?) but he is a great villain! The story deals with life threatening situations but also with romance.  You’ve got to give a writer props when he can do both without it feeling shoehorned into the story.

Every character in this story is a BAMF.  No, not the blue little Nightcrawler rat creatures… Read it to see what I mean.  I especially enjoyed Beast’s storyline, he was underused, or used as comic relief, in the first two issues, but this issue was his moment to shine. Storm does a good job in this issue as does Nightcrawler. Come to think of it, those three are the only X-Men in this book, a fact that actually helps move the story along. It worked in this book, while the two previous issues seemed overcrowded with characters.

Amazing X-Men #3 is the “Pacific Rim” of comic books. The story is clichéd, but I didn’t care because it was awesome! Full of exciting visuals by Ed McGuinness & Dexter Vines , I found Amazing X-Men #3 to be enjoyable as Hell (I know, I’m reusing the same joke twice…) I did not expect this to be such a pleasant surprise, a highly recommended issue for all X-Men fans.

Reviewed by: Gilad Levin
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