All-New X-Men #22.NOW (Marvel)

All-New X-Men22

Rating: 4.5/5 – Nice blend of talk & action to start off a galactic crossover.
by ComicSpectrum EiC Bob Bretall.

Brian Michael Bendis pulled me into this title during the Battle of the Atom crossover and it was (until a few weeks ago when All-New X-Factor landed on my pull list) the only X-family title I was reading.  I think this is significant because a lot of X-fans seem to be fairly “all in” on the X-family books, while I have shied away from them for years.  What Bendis has done, for me, is create a very accessible title.  I don’t seem to get that head-scratching “what the heck is going on here, who are all these people?” feeling when I’m reading this title that I get when I pick up other X-books.  It’s sometimes hard for hard-core X-fans to understand what it’s like for some outsiders to come walking into the X-room on some of the X-titles Marvel puts out.  They seem so crystal clear to the aficionados of X.  But, I’m here to talk about All-New X-Men which I personally find to be the All-Xcessible X-Men.

This issue starts the 6 issue “Trial of Jean Grey” storyline that will be running through 3 issues of this title (22-24) as well as Guardians of the Galaxy #11-13.  We get the character interaction and snappy dialogue that Bendis is famous for in the beginning of the issue before things go all pear-shaped with the arrival of the Shi’ar, who are apparently still pissed off about her genocide of the people inhabiting that star she cause to go supernova while possessed by the Dark Phoenix.  BUT, this is a Jean Grey traveling forward from the past before any of that Phoenix stuff, she never did ANY of that!   Wow!  Kind of confusing!  And this is the easy-to-understand X-Men title…  Let’s just say I’m very interested in how this storyline is going to play out.  We get solid action by Stuart Immonen for the back 60% of the book which balances nicely with the dialogue-heavy 1st part of the story.

Take some time (with a magnifying glass if necessary) to read the stuff on Hank Pym’s blackboard on page #1 of this issue.  I found it cool and I got only about half of it, I can only imagine that hard-core fans must have been eating that panel up!  Let’s add to that the fact that this is a MARVEL.NOW issue.  In addition to the normal digital copy of the book, your redemption code will also score you a digital download of the entire first trade paperback!  A great deal for the $3.99 cover price.  Summing up: Fairly accessible storyline, great blend of dialogue/action, beginning of a galaxy-spanning crossover, superb deal on digital downloads.  That makes this a MUST BUY issue in my opinion.

Reviewed by: Bob Bretall
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2 Responses to All-New X-Men #22.NOW (Marvel)

  1. Jeff says:

    Great review and you summed up some of the high points nicely. I really enjoyed this issue and thought it was a good start to the arc. Bobby’s panels with the snow angels and Run DMC cracked me up and the one with Hank’s board had me staring for quite a while, that was done nicely. I feel like Bendis is really getting a handle on these characters and tiptoeing around the potential issues that come with time travel stories deftly. It doesn’t hurt to have Immonen on art as the book looks great. Looking forward to seeing what the Trial of Jean Grey is all about.

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