Invincible #108 (Image)


Rating: 4.5/5 – Whoaaaaa!  That was unexpected!
by ComicSpectrum EiC Bob Bretall.

Invincible is Robert Kirkman’s (of Walking Dead fame) take on costumed super-heroes.  He bills it as “The Best Superhero Comic Book in the Universe!”, I’m not sure about that, but it’s pretty damn good.  I’ve been on board with this series since the beginning and as is standard with Kirkman’s writing, he likes to shake things up on a pretty regular basis.  This is not a comic for people who like the status quo where everything sort of falls back to the same equilibrium after each story arc.

Things change.  Characters grow.  Mistakes are made.  Consequences are faced.  Life in Kirkman’s superhero universe marches on.  This issue starts out Mark Grayson (Invincible) arguing with his girlfriend/baby momma Atom Eve.  Mark has decided he needs to track down the evil dimension-hopping Angstrom Levy in an alternate dimension and put an end to his threat once and for all.  See, Levy has threatened the pregnant Eve before and Mark doesn’t want to live his life with the threat hanging over his head of what to do if Levy comes back to strike at him through Eve and the (soon to be born) baby.  Eve fears what might happen if Mark goes after Levy.  That’s the setup.  What happens next?  The ending of this issue is why I read Invincible.  Hit me out of left field, but made perfect sense in the context of characterization and motivation that has been set up over many issues and many years of the title.

Is this a good jumping on point?  Absolutely not.  We’re in the middle of things here and they’re awesome, but may be a bit too much backstory needed to fully appreciate what goes on here.  I can wholeheartedly recommend this series for fans of superheros who would like to get a bit of a palate cleanse from the standard Marvel/DC fare.  Go and get the Vol. 1 trade paperback and pick up the story from the beginning.  If you like it, there’s a LOT of great storytelling to experience and you can catch up to the present in considerably less time than the 10 years (Wow! it’s been that long!) that I’ve been reading this series.

Reviewed by: Bob Bretall
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