Birds of Prey #28 (DC)

Birds of Prey 28

Rating: 3/5 – Mediocre series with a promising future.
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Hank Johnson.

In the interest of full disclosure, Birds of Prey is one of the titles I diligently collect. Good or bad, I always buy the title to make sure I have the whole collection. Since the reboot, the book has been fair to good with the occasionally very good issue. The current core team consists of Strix, Batgirl, Black Canary, and Condor. The team dynamics have been generally well done throughout the reboot, but it just seems that something is missing.  Issue #28 is part of the GothTopia crossover. GothTopia feels to me to be reminiscent of Marvel Comics’ House of M. It is essentially the Bat-family heroes living in an artificial world where they seem to be getting everything they want.

Usually, these type of crossover issues flush out some detail of the larger story, but are generally irrelevant to the overarching narrative. What was really refreshing is that writer Christy Marx bucked this usual trend and did something interesting by planting some seeds for future Birds of Prey storylines.  The biggest question I have coming out of this issue is exactly whose ideal world are we visiting? It seems to be an amalgam of all the characters which leads to some confusion in the latter half to of the book.

Unfortunately, the rest of the GothTopia story is incredibly average. Each scene just feels like it was pulled from the Handbook of Comic Book Tropes. The dialogue was a bit corny and stilted in spots, however, the last 5 pages of the book were much better and had me excited to see where the overall Birds of Prey story is going.   Romano Molenaar & Daniel Sampere’s are the credited artists for the issue. The overall visual storytelling was effective but nothing memorable, save for a great two page splash a few pages in. Colorist Chris Sotomayor is the true standout creator on this issue. He did an excellent job making The GothTopia section of the book feel bright and clean and the latter half of the book feel like the true gritty Gotham City.

Overall, Birds of Prey #28 is an exceptionally average comic book. Nothing in the book is really bad, but nothing is really exceptional either. The GothTopia story is easily forgettable, but the seeds planted in the last 5 pages of the issue were very refreshing and show promise for the series. I would not recommend anyone buy this issue unless they are already reading the series.

Reviewed by: Hank Johnson
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