Fantastic Four (2014) #1 (Marvel)


Rating: 4/5 – A fantastic start for a new series.
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Gilad Levin.

James Robinson proved that he can write great team books with Earth Two at DC. So naturally, Fantastic Four is right in his wheelhouse and he did not let down.  He managed to accomplish quite a lot with the first issue- setting up the story and the overall tone of the series as well as creating a real sense of family and connection between the characters.  The way the members of the FF worked together to solve their problems only amplified that feeling of family. The story itself was on-par with what I’ve come to expect from Robinson, it had some great moments and the plot was very intriguing.

Invisible Woman’s narration throughout the story helped move it along and gave the book the feel of a movie trailer for the series to come.  At the same time, the opening monologue where Sue is describing the outcome of their battle ruined my reading experience, although it did accomplish its goal and got me interested in the story early on, I’d rather have not known exactly what happens after all is said and done.

The art by Leonard Kirk is splendid. The visuals and the choreography during the battle with Fin Fang Foom were amazing. The backgrounds are rich and full of depth. Heart filled scenes were touching mainly due to the artwork perfectly capturing the moment.

Fantastic Four #1 is a promising start for this new series. Although I disagree with some creative choices, this issue got me interested in a “Fall of ___” story, which I usually consider a cop-out when a writer can’t think of anything better. I also appreciated the way previous events were subtly introduced into the story and explained for new readers so that you could enjoy this issue even if you didn’t read the previous series.

Reviewed by: Gilad Levin
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2 Responses to Fantastic Four (2014) #1 (Marvel)

  1. The new FF series was Bob’s “comic of the week” for 2/26 and I wanted to follow up on what I thought of the issue.

    I won’t say it was bad, from a strict craft point of view, but I didn’t care for the issue. It starts with one of my least favorite literary devices, the “flash forward”. I can understand this when a comic is starting slow and they flash forward to an action scene to get a comic off with a bang. Here Robinson starts with a flash forward of Sue writing a letter revealing where he plans to bring the series on an emotional/family level and THEN cuts to the action scene with Fin Fang Foom. This really mystified me.

    My real problem comes with the content of the flash forward. Robinson seems to be moving the characters to an end point that I just didn’t care for, so I’m not going to particularly going to want to read a bunch of issues leading up to that end point that I’m not fond of.

    The art by Leonard Kirk was good, and while competently executed, the writing was just not telling a story that I want to read on an ongoing basis.

    Following my own rules from “How to Trim Your Pull List”, FF is getting chopped off my pull list.

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