Turok: Dinosaur Hunter #2 (Dynamite)


Rating: 4/5 – A clash of cultures.
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Gilad Levin.

Turok #2 fixes most of problems I had with issue #1 and now has me sold on the series.  While I felt that #1 was disorienting/confusing, #2 has a very clear story flow with just enough plot progression delivered at the right moments. Individual character personalities are fleshed out and I really like them, they are interesting and full of depth.  I enjoyed how Greg Pak introduced the characters and cultures of both Turok’s people and the Crusaders.

The art by Mirko Colak is fantastic. I love the world he’s created for this series. Every environment has a unique feel to it, the character designs are great and the artwork matches the tone set by the story.

But, as much as I loved this issue, I couldn’t buy into the relationship between Turok and Andar. I know Turok saved Andar’s life, but his transformation from being Turok’s mortal enemy to best friend was rushed and unexplained.  Nothing about the relationship worked for me and sadly, it was a big part of the story, which kept me from rating this issue higher.  However, for me, this was a big improvement over the last issue; the story kept me interested, the characters are special, and the villain is menacing.

Reviewed by: Gilad Levin
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