Moon Knight (2014) #1 (Marvel)


Rating: 5/5 – Time to once again moon over Moon Knight.
by guest reviewer Kevyn Knox.

Warren Ellis, the man who gave us Planetary and Transmetropolitan, as well as giving a boost to such established comics like Stormwatch and Excalibur, is back with Moon Knight #1, a fresh take on a complicated and often misunderstood character. With art by Declan Shavey (28 Days Later), this All-New Marvel Now first issue is a thing this critic has been waiting one hell of a long time to finally see. And now that I have finally gotten my grubby little hands on it, I’ve gotta say that it is one of the best things I have read in an equally one hell of a long time.

I have been a Moon Knight fan for as long as I can remember (actually stemming from Spectacular Spider-Man #22  and #23 back in 1978, if you want the particulars of a then eleven year old’s early comic book obsession) and have loved all the guys crazy (literally crazy) adventures ever since. And now, after a seeming lifetime of the schizoid master of vengeful terror being absent from starring in his own title, Marc Spector is back, baby! And if I wasn’t giddy with excitement already, once I read this first issue, I am even more giddy for issue two and beyond.

Ellis has always had a knack for putting the noirish fight into his characters, and he does it again with Moon Knight. Using issue one to establish a fresh new status quo for the crimefighter, Ellis doesn’t hold back, and tosses our intrepid, bat-shit crazy hero right into the proverbial fire. A book for the die hard Moon Knight fan and the newbie alike, Moon Knight #1 is the start of an inevitably great new series from Marvel Comics. And as for the art, Shalvey’s gorgeous pencils, along with Jordie Bellaire’s stunning colours (her work can be seen in Pretty Deadly, Manhattan Projects, as well as this week’s new Magneto #1), make Ellis’ story pop all the more.

Simply put, what Moon Knight #1 appears to be is very possibly the best new comic Marvel has put out since Hawkeye got his own title, written by Matt Fraction,  back in 2012. Granted, a series can always go down in quality after a big first issue kick-off, but between Warren Ellis’ intriguing narrative and Declan Shalvey & Jordie Bellaire’s breathtaking art (the way Moon Knight’s sketchy white-hued persona pops from the more realistic-looking backgrounds is quite a remarkable thing), one could almost guarantee this is going to be one fantastic series. I’m looking forward to one hell of a ride.

Reviewed by: Kevyn Knox

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  1. Loved the book. Great start for our hero and the new creative team!

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