She-Hulk (2014) #2 (Marvel)

She Hulk 2

Rating: 4.5/5 – Shulkie fans don’t miss this!
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Hank Johnson.

She-Hulk is one of those characters in the Marvel Universe that always seems to get a series that runs for one or two years then gets cancelled. That being said, some of those series contain some of the best comics I have ever read, including Dan Slott’s impressive run in the mid 2000’s which was partially responsible for my return into comics.

Since then, the recent iterations of She Hulk have been less to my liking. While I appreciate the various writers and artists trying to do something different, what always seems to work best is when She-Hulk is working as a lawyer in the Marvel Universe. There is just something special about Jennifer Walters balancing the daily struggles of a career attorney and trying to save the universe.  This is why I love Charles Soule’s approach to the character. In the first two issues he has effectively introduced the new readers to the character, yet gave the seasoned Shulkie fans enough subtle gems to make us happy.

Charles Soule is a practicing attorney in a very small firm. Having this type of background could lead to some great grounded law-related stories in the future. In the first issue he alluded to some interesting legal issues that were pure genius. Soule is a relatively new writer, but looking at his work, you’d never know it. In just 3 years he seems to be a veteran of the form. He is one of the 2 or 3 creators that if I see his name on a book, I am at least trying it.

What worked best for me in Dan Slott’s run were the call backs to some characters that had been left on the Marvel scrap heap. In this issue Soule brings in one of those forgotten favorites for a team-up and the chemistry was absolutely perfect. I hope that Soule continues to use this character going forward.  While engaging in fan service may work in the short term, introducing and developing new characters is what really leads to sustainability for a title. The characters of Angie Huang and Sharon King are both funny and interesting. I am particularly impressed with how Soule has me excited to find out more about them.

Finding the right artist for a book like She-Hulk can be a challenge. Javier Pulido is a truly inspired choice. His style is a perfect fit with Soule’s story and he does an exceptional rendering of She-Hulk and some of his layouts are world class. The only drawback to the art is Pulido’s fight scenes seem somewhat less inspired.  This book seems to be following the Hawkeye formula for success. It has a great story with great art and a visual style that stands out from other Marvel books. It is fun and seems to be contained in it is own corner of the Marvel Universe. The best part of the series is its very accessible price point of $2.99.

The bottom line is you should be reading this title. Soule and Pulido are crafting a great story that embraces what is best of the Marvel Universe without slavish devotion to continuity. The first two issues have been great done in one stories with an overarching plot. While it is still early in the calendar year, this is definitely a candidate for best new series and if Soule continues to produce this type of high quality work, he should be a shoe in as my pick for writer of the year. Soule and Pulido are crafting a story that years from now I think people will be pointing to as a must read gem. Don’t miss this book!

Reviewed by: Hank Johnson
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1 Response to She-Hulk (2014) #2 (Marvel)

  1. kevynknox says:

    Great review, sir. I agree whole-heartedly with your assessment. It’s great to see Jenny back in a regular title. Soule is not only one of the best working today, but also one of the busiest as well. Is there a title the guy is not involved with these days? And I love Pulido’s art. Some have bad mouthed it, but I love it. Keep on keepin’ on. See ya ’round the web.

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