Flash Gordon (2014) #1 (Dynamite)

CREDIT: Dynamite Entertainment

Rating: 4/5 – A Take on the Characters That Feels Fresh and Classic at the Same Time.
by ComicSpectrum EiC Bob Bretall.

Taking a quick look at the comic book database, this is at least the 11th different try at a Flash Gordon comic book series in the last 60 years.  While I have not read every issue from every attempt, I’ve read issues from at least 7 of them and this issue was my favorite of the lot.  My opinion of Dynamite has been changing for the better over the last several months with each new series I try from them, they’re bringing on board some very solid talent to shepherd many of their new launches and Flash Gordon is no different.

I don’t consider myself a hard-core Flash Gordon fan, but I do enjoy the character, going back for many many years, including reading reprint volumes of the newspaper strips by Alex Raymond which, dating back to 1936, is still the Gold Standard of quality for the character.  Jeff Parker (Agents of Atlas, Thunderbolts, etc.) does a great job of bringing Flash to life in 2014.  Parker brings us back to basics with a quick 5-page introduction to the major players; Flash, Dale, and Zarkov; before jumping into the action “Today”.  The balance of the issue is fast-paced, does a great job of introducing (or re-introducing, as the case may be) various worlds and characters from the Flash Gordon mythos and sets up the story that’s going to be told here in this current series.

The art, by Evan Shaner, is a great match for the characters and setting.  I haven’t really read any of the comics Shaner has worked on previously but he’s an artist I’ll be keeping an eye out fro from now on. He has very clean and classic linework that is reminiscent of Goran Parlov (whose work you can see right now over on Starlight from Image).  The prolific Jordie Bellaire lends her hand to the colors on the issue and turns in the spectacular job that we’re used to seeing.

Another Dynamite series added to my pull list!  You should check this series out if you’ve loved Flash Gordon in the past or even if you have never read a story with the character before.  If you like Sci-Fi action/adventure  I don’t think this will disappoint.  I’m looking forward to #2 and that makes this a completely successful #1 issue.

Reviewed by: Bob Bretall
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1 Response to Flash Gordon (2014) #1 (Dynamite)

  1. I agree. Great new series, and Dynamite has been steadily improving with some top talent making their way to some really good titles.

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