FCBD 2014: Sherwood, Texas / The Boondock Saints (12-Gauge)

CREDIT: 12-Gauge

Rating: 3.5/5 – Robin Hood Told via Biker Gangs & Re-Visiting a Cult Classic.
by ComicSpectrum EiC Bob Bretall.

There are two previews from 12 Gauge in their FCBD flip-book.  In Sherwood Texas we get a mash-up of Robin Hood with The Sons of Anarchy and in The Boondock Saints: The Lost Gig we revisit the MacManus brothers from the cult classic film, set in Boston, 1999 (the same timeframe as the original film).

Sherwood Texas supposes that Nottingham & Sherwood Forest are in South Texas just across the border from Juarez.  We get all the familiar characters with a bit of a requisite twist.  The rival motorcycle clubs are the Nobles (e.g. Prince John, Gisbourne, etc.) and Robin Hood’s Merry Men are the Jesters.  If you’re familiar with the Robin Hood legend for any of the countless incarnations in movies, TV, cartoons, comics, etc. you’ll pick up on who the players are easily enough.  It’s an interesting mash-up concept but nothing about the story presented in these 15 pages really grabbed me.  The art, by Daniel Hillyard, is serviceable, it tells the story competently but didn’t grab me and make me say “Wow!”.  I’ll leave this as “it’s great if you like that sort of thing”, but for me it was pretty middle of the road: 3/5

The Boondock Saints: The Lost Gig isn’t an overly complex tale, a quick 10 page “done in one” with gunplay, a little banter and everything we love about the MacManus boys, co-written by Troy Duffy, the writer/director of the movies.  The art by Toby Cypress (Blue Estate, The White Suits) is very stylized and you’re either going to like it or not.  I like it, it’s got some nice character and does a great job of illustrating this tale.  It’s gritty, stylized, and perfect for a crime story like this one.   This comic teases that the Boondock Saints will be coming back to comics in 2015, so there’s that to look forward to!  To while away your time before then, there is a 150 page TPB collecting the 3 previous mini-series out there right now.  Solid story: 4/5

Reviewed by: Bob Bretall
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