Invincible #111 (Image)

CREDIT: Image Comics

Rating: 4.5/5 – Leave your expectations at the door. They wouldn’t do this issue justice.
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Adam Alamo.

Invincible #111 vowed it would be the “1st issue in a bold new direction” and it wasn’t kidding. The past few issues have been building up to the eventual fight between Robot and Invincible and the opening volleys in this war were just fired. However, it was the collateral damage that left my jaw on the floor. I should know by now not to take any characters written by Robert Kirkman for granted. But I did and my mind was blown. It seems no character is safe from Kirkman, so assume that no character is safe from Robot when he’s made up his mind to take over the world.

Artist Ryan Ottley provides, in detail, the following for your viewing pleasure: blood, gore, guts, and random eyeball on the floor. Nobody in the business draws gore better than Ottley. As the series’ regular artist, he pulls his weight in making this a must-read title every month.  Amid all the shocking developments of this issue, the one thing that wasn’t addressed was the traumatizing ending of last issue. However, that can be forgiven, as the swiftness of the events here did not leave a lot of time for self-reflection. If Invincible survives the coming battle, there should be plenty of time to evaluate what is happened in #110, but I wouldn’t count on things slowing down with this book anytime soon. This issue is the start of a runaway train ride with no stops.

I don’t know if the promise that Invincible #111 is the start of something new and different is entirely accurate, but it certainly raised the stakes considerably and leaves a small void in my chest as I wait a full month for the next issue. I would never have expected that from a series that I originally thought of as spoofing superhero comics. I cannot wait to see where this ride takes us next and after reading this issue, neither will you.

Reviewed by: Adam Alamo
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