Nightwing #30 (DC)


Rating: 2.5/5 – A Disappointing Finale, But a Glimmer of Hope For The Future.
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Shawn Hoklas.

Nightwing number thirty, which happens to be the final issue in the series, shows us the ramifications of the events at the end of Forever Evil and the beginning of Dick Grayson’s next journey. Fans who follow Nightwing will notice that he’ll be moving on to a new series titled Grayson, and this series finale feels like a prelude issue for that upcoming title.

Writers Tim Seeley and Tom King tell a pretty disjointed tale that almost feels as though it’s three separate stories in one. That feeling is also driven by the fact there happens to be three different artists in the book. The story’s villain, who is consistent through all three stories, is Spyral, and it looks as though they’re going to play a major role in Grayson. Spyral is a terrorist organization that Dick is asked to infiltrate by Batman. Just how and why he’s asked by Batman takes up this issue’s drawn out, and at times ridiculous second part of the story. So ridiculous in fact that Batman actually kicks a motorcycle in two. It’s the weakest part of this issue, and doesn’t feel true to the characters involved.  Unfortunately the art in this second part also fails to deliver. First, its much different in style than the opening and closing chapters, and the choreographing of the fight scene looks, and feels forced. The bright side is that the art in the final chapter by upcoming Grayson artist Mikel Janin is beautiful to look at and shows a lot of promise for what’s next.

Ultimately this issue fails to deliver a conclusion that’s fitting for Nightwing as a character, and this issue’s only saving grace doesn’t come until the final act. That final act shows a lot of promise for the upcoming Grayson series, but this issue was a sad way to see Nightwing end.

Reviewed by: Shawn Hoklas
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