The Creeps #1(Warrant)

CREDIT: Warrant Publishing

Rating: 4/5 – Upholding the Warren Tradition of Terror!
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Shawn Hoklas.

“All new Tales of Terror in the Warren Tradition” is the tagline at the bottom of the first issue of The Creeps. This first issue is a love letter and a tribute to Warren’s Creepy and Eerie magazines in the best possible way. You will feel as though you’ve taken a step back to the 1960s as the whole magazine models exactly what Warren was producing at the time. Amazing and beautiful cover by a legendary artist…check. Inside cover image done by another famous artist that offers up a historic account of a monster…check. Table of Contents and a letters page that’s exactly how Warren did it…well, you get the picture. The Creeps is a tribute to some of the best black and white magazines of it’s time and you can tell that it’s a labor of love.

Starting with the cover, the famous fantasy artist Ken Kelly shows that he’s still just as good as he was back in the day with an image that sets the mood for this brand new book. It’s great to see that Editor and creator Rich Sala has gone back to find the same artists that were working on the Warren Magazines from back in the day. Turning the page and you find a haunting yet sexy image of a Succubus by the talented and underrated Frank Brunner. Not only do we get Brunner and Kelly, but we also see works by Joe Rubinstein and Rick Buckler as well. It’s such a pleasure and treat to see these creator’s works again, and it’s great to see this magazine embrace their talents.

The stories inside are not all consistently as good, but there were a few standouts including the first story called Vengeance. It’s written by editor Rich Sala and illustrated by Artie Godwin and absolutely reads like an old EC or Warren story, with the corniness to match. The final story titled “The Scream Queen’s Secret” with art by Shawn Van Briesen and Godwin that not only gets the Warren feel in the writing, but Van Briesen even nails the panel borders, word balloons and thought bubbles. You’d be hard pressed to tell if this was cut and pasted into an issue of Creepy from the past or if it was created today, and that’s high praise.

Overall, Warrant Publishing has achieved the goal they set out to do by creating a book that’s true to the look and feel of the original Warren magazines. Right now you’ll have to go to to order a copy as you won’t find this in stores. If the talent they got for this first issue is any indication of what’s in store for future issues, then I can’t wait for more. Warrant has already announced that a second issue issue is in the works so make sure you jump on board now, or else you may get a visit from the Old Creep himself.

Reviewed by: Shawn Hoklas
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5 Responses to The Creeps #1(Warrant)

  1. legal eagle says:

    About ten years ago there was another Warren pastiche mag called DOOMED (you can find back issues online, and a collection called COMPLETELY DOOMED at, and it didn’t last long—nor will this one. Problem with THE CREEPS, though, is that it is SO close to the old Warren CREEPY mag, right down to the horror host looking like a direct lift of Jack Davis’ take on Uncle Creepy, that New Comic Company LLC and/or Dark Horse Comics will likely SUE THE PANTS OFF THESE GUYS for this copyright infringement “tribute.” New Comic Company LLC’s principals are Dan Braun, Craig Haffner, Josh Braun and Rick Brookwell, and they purchased all of the Creepy, Eerie, and Vampirella material, copyrights and all, from James Warren in 2007.

  2. TONY says:

    I hope not as I’ve never considered, read or accepted them as anything but a rip off and never had Warren’s blood, heart and soul…the Creeps does. Right where it belongs…

  3. MAC says:

    Well, it’s been almost 4 years and it looks like The Creeps is still going strong. It even showed up at my local comic shop recently. It’s a great magazine with a true Warren vibe!

  4. Dagger says:

    Actually, New Comic Company acquired rights to Creepy and Eerie. Dynamite Entertainment acquired Rights to Vampirella.

    • Yes, Dynamite has been publishing Vampirella since 2010. Before that Harris published Vampirella from 1992 to 2003
      The license to publish Creepy & Eerie is currently with Dark Horse Publishing and has been since 2009.

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