Storm #1 (Marvel)

Storm 1
CREDIT: Marvel Comics

Rating: 4.5/5 – Storm Brings the Thunder (and Lightning).
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Hank Johnson.

In two months the Uncanny X-Men franchise will be celebrating its 51st birthday. During that long publishing history there have been several attempts to spin off characters into solo series. While some have been very well received, generally speaking the series are relatively short lived and ultimately forgettable.  What makes Storm #1 different from its predecessors is writer Greg Pak’s take on the character. Pak beautifully captures the key aspects of Ororo Munroe’s life and all the complexities she has to address on a daily basis as one of the leaders of the X-Men.

The biggest compliment I think I can pay Greg Pak is that he didn’t overwrite the issue. Many writers fall into the trap of trying to pump out way too much story to try to hook readers on the first issue. This issue is a great done in one story that doesn’t overreach or try to set up a cliff hanger that will get the reader to buy the next issue. Instead, Pak scribes a nearly perfect paced issue that simply hits all of the right story beats.

As this issue progressed, I found myself liking Victor Ibanez’s art more and more. The last scene of the book really sold me on his art and when I reread the book in preparation for this review, I was really hooked.  The art really shined through during the final 3 pages of the book. When Storm and Creep meet for the last time at the school, Ibanez’s art really made the emotion of the scene hit home. Ruth Redmond’s colors were a bit too inconsistent for my liking. While I understand the need to make the sky dark to emphasize Storm’s powers, the colors seemed to be a bit muddied instead. While it didn’t materially detract from the issue, it was noticeable.

Overall, Storm #1 is an excellent story that is pitch and tone perfect. Greg Pak clearly has done his homework on the character and made a story that not only captures her essence, but is accessible to anyone who enjoys comics. Victor Ibanez’s art adds depth and subtlety to make this issue come alive. I thought this book was great and I cannot wait until the next issue. Bravo, Mr. Pak, Bravo!

Reviewed by: Hank Johnson
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