All-New Ghost Rider #6 (Marvel)

allNew GR6
CREDIT: Marvel Comics

Rating: 4/5- A New Artist, a New Story Arc and New Developments Begin to Take Shape.
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Gabe Bustamantez.

Lots of ‘New’ happening in this issue of All-New Ghost Rider. This issue picks up after the events of the last storyline, where Ghost Rider had to break up an all-out war between local gang bangers and a drug cartel that was happening in the middle of small East LA neighborhood. Now Ghost Rider has become a hero to the neighborhood children, who can’t seem to decide whether their new idol’s name is “The Skeleton Driver” or “The Robot Racer.”

Writer Felipe Smith has Robbie Reyes continuing his illegal street racing and abuse of his powers as Ghost Rider to earn some quick cash, which is a key point of conflict for this issue. Seeing Robbie raising his little brother Gabe and doing what he feels is necessary really develops them as deep and meaningful characters that were easy for me to relate to. It also helps to paint and give structure to the harsh reality they have to live in.

With this issue Damion Scott takes over pencil duties with an urban art style and fills in the big art shoes left behind by departing artist Tradd Moore, who left the series after only 5 issues to return to his creator-owned title Luther Strode. Damion’s unique artwork provides a great East LA look and feel to the pages and sets up a dirty, stained and abused environment. The buildings throughout Robbie’s neighborhood are covered in graffiti, alleyways are cluttered with trash, bums are sleeping in discarded TV boxes, and the houses look like actually homes in East LA. Damion’s panel layouts during the issue did a great job of guiding my eye along the pages and leading me to where I needed to be looking next, which is hard to do during fast action scenes.

This issue is a great jumping on point for anyone who may have missed the previous 5 issues, but wants to get in on the series. Felipe Smith and Damion Scott have created a story that should familiarize new readers with this world while still keeping the attention of regular readers. Smith & Scott were able to progress the over-all story of Robbie and Gabe’s relationship while introducing some new story elements that new and regular readers can grab on to and make them want to dig in for the rest of the ride. I’m letting them drive me along for more issues of this series.

Reviewed by: Gabe Bustamantez
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