Red Lanterns #34 (DC)



Rating: 4/5 – It Really Seemed Like No One Would Survive This.
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Gabe Bustamantez.

The conclusion to the 4 part “Atrocities” storyline, the issue started right in the heat of a huge battle between Guy Gardner’s team of Red Lanterns and an army of humans turned into Red Lanterns by Atrocitus in the battle to end all battles on earth. The high impact action continues through the whole issue and never stops. Each page is jam packed with Red Lanterns viciously taking each other down hard. The entire story has a “No One Survives” theme going on, all the way until the last battle between Guy and Atrocitus you feel as if anyone can end up dead.

This was the first Red Lanterns issue I’ve read since the start of the series and I decided to jump in headfirst with this issue to see where the series has gone since Charles Soule took control.  I love what I’m seeing. There were so many double crosses and changes of allegiance that this issue felt like a great TV cop drama episode. I didn’t know who could be trusted. Guy Gardner was never a character I cared about before, but his role as leader of the Red Lanterns has put him into a new light for me. He has taken control of his own team of Red Lanterns, stepped up as their leader and protector and has done everything he could to help them survive this long. There is even a major plot point that sets Guy up as a much bigger player than ever before.

This issue may not have been the best issue to start off with due to all the new characters introduced recently, like Judge, or all the big changes that have occurred during Charles Soule’s run. Did you know Supergirl was a Red Lantern? But, this issue had enough going on for it and I was given enough information to enjoy the ending and feel satisfied with the new direction that will be taking place soon. The direction this title is heading at the end of this story along with the big battles, crazy developments, and kinetic art have made me intrigued and I’m a new fan of The Red Lanterns series. I will continue to follow this series from here on and also catch up with back issues.  If you like action, check this issue out!

Reviewed by: Gabe Bustamantez
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  1. Soule’s Marvel-exclusive contract announced today will put a crimp in hius continued work on Red Lanterns (and Swamp Thing and Superman/Wonder Woman) for DC

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