Green Arrow: Future’s End (DC)

Green Arrow Futures End


Rating: 4/5 – Arrow is Right on Target, Great for Readers of His Regular Series.
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Hank Johnson.

Green Arrow is one of the few books I have read faithfully since the New 52 began a few years back. I’ve felt that the series has had a lot more downs than ups, but the addition of writer Jeff Lemire and the merging of elements from the TV show has really improved my enjoyment of the stories.  Green Arrow: Futures End fast forwards the story 5 years and is part of DC’s overall Futures End event.

What I liked best about this issue is that it really complemented the previous story arcs in Jeff Lemire’s run on the title. The plot premise was exceptional, and the pacing and story execution was done superbly. There was one page that I thought was a bit to expository, but overall, the dialogue was very well written.  Andrea Sorrentino’s art was remarkable. There was a kinetic energy and fluidness which made each page flow. The level of detail was perfect and added depth to the world. Sorrentino’s work on the climatic action scene really popped and was some of his best work.   Marcello Maiolo’s colors, while dark, really added an element of mood and set a great emotional tone. What I liked best was how Maiolo chose certain panels to leave less colored to add dramatic emphasis.

As someone not actively engaged in the Futures End event, I appreciated that Lemire wrote the book in such a way that it rewarded me for reading the prior Green Arrow arcs, but did not assume I was reading all of Future’s End. Sorrentino and Maiolo are an amazing team that complement Lemire’s writing to the fullest. If you have been reading Lemire’s run on Green arrow, this is some of his best work. If you have not been reading it, I’d suggest you skip this issue and look for the previous trade. While this work isn’t the best place to start on Green Arrow, it stands out as a great story.

Reviewed by: Hank Johnson
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