Scarlet Spiders #1 (Marvel)


CREDIT: Marvel Comics

Rating: 4/5 – The Spider-Clones Take Center Stage!
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Adam Alamo.

Marvel is one-third of the way into its Spider-verse event, which promised to bring together “every Spider-Man ever,” and so far we have more Spider-Men running around the multiverse than you can shake a web shooter at. The short of it is there’s a big bad out there (the Inheritors) that’s threatening all the Spider-Men that have ever existed and it’s up to all these Spider-Men to band together to defeat this menace. Or it’s just an excuse for Dan Slott to play with a ton of different Spider-Men and Marvel to barrage us with numerous titles that hopefully translate into sales. Either way, the big winner here is the reader and I’m absolutely loving it!

Of all the tie-ins spinning out of the event, the one I was least likely to pick up was Scarlet Spiders. In fact, I initially passed on it because I’m fairly unfamiliar with the Peter Parker clones and all their backstory. I was concerned I just wouldn’t ‘get’ the story. Then when I decided to just give in and try it, my comic shop was out of it at both locations. That’s when it became personal. After trips all over town, I was finally able to track down a copy and I’m glad I did. Of the three tie-ins directly leading out of Amazing Spider-Man #10 (Spider-Woman #1 and Spider-Man 2099 #6 being the other two), the Scarlet Spiders tie-in was the one with the most character development. In this issue, writer Mike Costa focuses on one of the three clones in the tale, Jessica Drew the Spider-Woman of the Ultimate universe, and we get to learn a lot about her as she narrates the issue. We also get to see how she perceives the other two clones, Kaine and Ben Reilly, and so we learn a lot about them as well. I assume the next two issues of this tie-in will similarly focus each on the latter two. I felt that this issue also moved the overall Spider-verse story along more than any of the other tie-ins. It had a lot of action, but it also gave us a glimpse into the Inheritor’s home world and ended with the promise of much more to come. Artist Paco Diaz drew my Spider-Men just the way I like them, long and wiry. I’ve said it before, I judge my Spider-Man artist by how well they can make the character (in this case characters) twist and turn. Diaz has my seal of approval.

For an issue that I went into with little expectations, I was pleasantly surprised with Scarlet Spiders. I have limited experience with the whole Peter Parker Clone Saga, but it didn’t matter. Costa made sure to bring the reader up to speed and did a great job fleshing out these clones for a new audience. After all my trepidation about not knowing these characters, I walked away from this issue knowing a whole lot more than I thought I would, and I can’t wait to learn more as this Spider-verse tie-in continues!

Reviewed by: Adam Alamo
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