Robin Rises Alpha #1 (DC)



Rating: 2.5/5- Weak Storyline Ending, Worth Skipping.
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Gabe Bustamantez.

When Damian Wayne died a few years ago it was a bit of a shocker. There wasn’t a huge lead up to what happened in Batman Incorporated #8 and Damian’s popularity was at its peek. In fact, a large Bat-Family event called “Death of the Family” had just ended that didn’t have any deaths as people were lead to believe. With the return of Damian Wayne in “Robin Rises” DC has made it very clear that Damian Wayne will be returning, going so far as to give away the reveal about the chances of it being Damian.

Robin Rises: Alpha #1 is the final chapter to the “Robin Raises” story line, which started with Robin Rises: Omega #1. I know, it’s a little confusing to have the beginning of something titled “Omega” and have the end titled “Alpha.” You could just think of Robin Rises: Alpha as a new beginning. But, that’s not the only confusing aspect about this issue. The first 12 pages of Robin Rises: Alpha #1 recaps about the last 10 pages from Batman and Robin #37. Those pages are almost exactly the same including the same dialogue, but this time they were drawn by Andy Kubert instead of Patrick Gleason. So 12 pages of a 48 page 1 shot comic that costs $4.99 were in a comic book I’ve already read. That’s means about 40% of this issue were repeat pages. What do we get from the remain pages? We get a pretty big fight between Kalibak, Batman, the other former Robins and Damian Wayne. Which DC showed the ending to in the back of every DC comic book that came out this month. Other than that we get a basic epilogue story that re-establishes Damian as the one and only Robin.  Kubert’s art was hit and miss for me, very inconsistent. The characters all had the similar faces and lacked detail, and not in the less is more way.

I think Robin Rises: Alpha #1 as a stand alone 1-shot comic would be really hard to follow without having read the rest of the Robin Rises issues. But, how many people are going to pick this up without already being invested in the series from the beginning? Having read this story from the beginning this was a very disappointing issue to end an otherwise enjoyable storyline. The story was already told, and the rest of the story in the issue was a quick fight scene and the “putting back the pieces” type ending. It felt like filler. Not exactly what I expected from a $4.99 comic book. Unless you’re a completionist and need this issue to finish up the series or for your collection, you can skip this issue and not miss out on much.

Reviewed by: Gabe Bustamantez
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2 Responses to Robin Rises Alpha #1 (DC)

  1. Gabe wrote:
    Robin Rises: Alpha #1 as a stand alone 1-shot comic is really hard to follow without having read the rest of the Robin Rises issues. But, how many people are going to pick this up without already being invested in the series from the beginning?

    I bought this issue having not read any of the other stuff except Batman & Robin #37 (which I got because of the Darwyn Cooke cover. I figured I’d get to catch up on the end of the series, and you’re right, it was pretty hard to follow. Just seemed like a long confusing fight scene and Damian now inexplicably has super-powers (Not a spoiler, it’s in all those house ads Gabe mentioned). Nothing here made me want to read more.

    – Bob

  2. I have to agree, I wish I hadn’t spent the money on it. I skipped Omega thinking it didt look very interesting, picked this one up on the fly and was disappointed. I hope DC goes back to the pre New 52 verse. Except for a couple books most of the new line up is left wanting.

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