Chess-Masters #1 (Second Sight Studios)

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CREDIT: Second Sight Studios

Rating: 2.5/5 – Chess-Themed Heroes From a New Comic Company.
by ComicSpectrum senior reviewer Shawn Hoklas

Five heroes arrive in present day New York City from the future through what looks to be a tear in time. After some dialogue and questions about where they are, the army shows up and fighting breaks loose. The story is written by Bradley Golden and Gary Mcclendon and drawn by Marcelo Salaza, making an entry into the independent super-hero genre of comics.

The writing felt rushed as well as being a bit off on its pacing. For example, when team member King raises his hands after being asked to identify himself, he starts to talk and before he can finish, the attack order is given by the Army General, .  Also, in that same sequence of events, the General looks different from one panel to the next so I wasn’t sure if it was the same character or not. This same sense of confusion happened a few times in this issue and could be helped with some stronger sequential storytelling and possibly some caption boxes which we only see on the first page.

There are some bright spots to this first issue.  The action scenes are pretty well done; each of the “chess” characters have their own powers and despite some more issues I had with panel confusion, the way the powers are drawn by Salaza look nice. The King’s powers, although different, have a classic “Aquaman” feel with the circular waves protruding outward from his mind. And despite having a very small appearance at the end, the Pawn Master’s design is extremely cool in his black and white costume with a white stripe in his hair.

It’s always exciting to see new creators having a passion for creating comics, but even though there’s promise to the creator’s work, this first issue didn’t leave me eagerly awaiting the second issue. I got the sense that there’s passion here, especially in the artwork that has yet to be refined. There’s some cleverly created characters and an obvious desire on the part of the creators to see their work get out into the hands of readers. Although I had problems with this first issue, I’ll periodically check back to see what else comes out from this young comics studio.  If you like checking out new creators and smaller independent companies, this issue is available through sites like or by visiting the Second Sight Facebook page.

Reviewed by: Shawn Hoklas
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5 Responses to Chess-Masters #1 (Second Sight Studios)

  1. Curtis Penn says:

    I visited Second City Studios, and found this to be an outstanding book. The Writing and Artwork are superb by any standards. I have never seen Comic Book heros of this caliber before, anywhere in the History of Comic Book writing. Just think of the it’s very name: Chess Masters, along with that and the artistic creativity of writing and artwork, it has me extremely intrigued for the next issue!

    • @Curtis:
      The Writing and Artwork are superb by any standards. I have never seen Comic Book heros of this caliber before, anywhere in the History of Comic Book writing.

      Hyperbole?? I can understand wanting to pump up something you like, but let’s not go overboard.

      If you’ve never seen anything of this caliber in the history of comics, you must not have looked at very many other comics, and I have to call you out on this.

      I can never argue with someone expressing a personal opinion. I’ll give you that YOU enjoyed this personally, and maybe even that it was superb by YOUR standards. Superb by ANY standards? I’ll need to respectfully disagree. It’s not superb by my standards, and I’ve read close to 100,000 different comics, so I have a bit wider perspective than most.

      It’s not bad. This was a solid journeyman effort and worth people giving it a try, but let’s not go overboard with unrealistic praise of the work.

  2. Curtis Penn says:

    Well you have your opinion and I have mine, I just never heard of anyone coming up with the Idea of Chess Masters before, and trust and beleive Sir, I’m 52 yrs old, and had the Hulk issue of The Wolverine when he first appeared for 25 cents lol, and started reading comic books back in 1973, and watching Marvel cartoons since I was 5 yrs old, so I have never seen anything like this before that’s all. You have a nice day. 🙂

    • I am completely in agreement with you, Curtis, that we are of different opinions here. I cannot disagree with an opinion.

      I CAN, however, disagree with the statement “Superb by any standards”…

      Because, in point of fact, there are standards against which it is not superb, but rather a solid journeyman effort.

      I think the creators are better off hearing how to improve than to have people tell them that they are at the pinnacle of perfection when there are clearly some things here that could use improvement.

      • Bradley Golden says:

        I’m very happy you think do highly of our work. It’s much appreciated. And I thank you shawn for a honest review. It helps me with issue two. And shawn I have another book for you to review too called Uncanny Cryptic Five….. A goonies inspired book.

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