Convergence #0 (DC)



Rating: 3.5/5 – Not the Most Promising of Openings for a Line-Wide Event.
By ComicSpectrum senior reviewer Shawn Hoklas.

To say my level of excitement for Convergence is high would be an understatement. Since the launch of the New 52, I’ve been waiting to get the pre-New 52 universe back in one way or another. With Multiversity close to wrapping up and a rumored 2015 “Crisis”-like story ahead, signs point to getting some type of DC Multiverse back where all stories can be told, including those taking place before the Flashpoint event. Convergence is designed to do just that. It’s an opportunity to revisit the DC Universe of before through a line-wide event that all begins with this zero issue. Although my excitement is still high as this issue had its share of entertaining moments and future promise, I’m hoping it gets better with issue number one.

Stating with the good is Ethan Van Sciver’s art. I’ll always make sure to pick up whatever he decides to work on and I’m thrilled he decided to pencil this opening chapter. There’s some exceptional pages inside that include a two-page splash depicting the many “deaths” of Superman, as well as another two-pager that smashes multiple DC cities including Metropolis and Fawcett City into one, with the robotic 1980’s version of Brainiac looming large on the page. Van Sciver draws Brainiac in all of his previous incarnations which shows just how historic yet complex the DC Universe can be. Although it’s odd to see Superman with a 5 o’clock shadow, Van Sciver’s rendering of Superman is great despite the New 52 costume.

The writing by Dan Jurgens and Jeff King unfortunately is never as strong as Van Sciver’s pencils. As the story opens, we see a Galactus sized Brainiac outside of time and space speaking with Superman. This is “the” Brainiac, while all the others are Brainiacs seen before are those that are conscious extensions of this one true version For a new fan, and even for myself the story at times was a bit confusing. Just how Superman even got outside of time and space although referenced, could have used an intro page. Also, Superman is chained up in one scene and then not so in another. I wasn’t ever 100% sure if these were multiple timelines colliding together, or all in Superman’s mind. For an event this big I feel as though DC should have gone a bit more simple as this adds another layer to an already complex continuity.

All in all Convergence number zero wasn’t all that I hoped it would be in terms of storytelling, but the art as well as some interesting ideas make it worth the read especially since it’s leading into such a line wide event. The interesting ideas introduced are unfortunately stronger than the way their presented throughout the story. Longtime DC fans like myself will love seeing all the interpretations of Brainiac, but new readers looking to jump on in may be left scratching their heads and wondering if they really need to jump in just yet.

Reviewed by: Shawn Hoklas
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