Starfire #1 (DC)



Rating: 4/5 – The Fun Harley Quinn Formula is Brought to Starfire.
by ComicSpectrum senior reviewer Shawn Hoklas.

Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti have quite the hit on their hands with Harley Quinn. That book has been a consistent top seller since it launched and has won fans over with it’s enjoyable sense of humor, and presenting a fun and “not so serious” Harley that differs from the murderous and deadly version found in Suicide Squad. Conner and Palmioti have taken that more lighthearted tone to a new series starring the Teen Titan known as Starfire, and so far it looks as though they’re creating another success!

In the first two pages we get to see Starfire’s origin, not in a recap page or flashback, but as part of the overall story that makes it easy for new readers to connect, and serves as a refresher for readers who have followed her since she first appeared back in 1980. Since that time she’s never had a series of her own so it’s great to see that her first ever number one issue was so enjoyable. Since she’s from another planet, Conner and Palmiotti have made her a bit naive which lends to her overall charm. She’s innocent and has a heart of gold, and throughout this issue there are plenty of scenes where that personality makes for some very humorous moments. Not only that, but we’re introduced to a supporting cast that looks as though they’ll play a bigger role in her life, despite the story taking place in the small city of Key West.

Much like Chad Hardin has done on Harley Quinn, Emanuela Lupacchino is giving Starfire a unique look that’s also simple. Gone is the hair that went down to the back of her knees that George Perez once drew with painstaking detail. Instead, Lupacchino gives her a shorter yet more natural look, but keeps the costume relatively unchanged. The book, like the cover is full of bright colors and since it’s in Key West, most of the story takes place in bright daylight, again giving the book a lighter feel. Hopefully this book gets into the hands of a lot of readers as Starfire has the potential to put Lupacchino and her clean line art in the spotlight.

Harley Quin has a lot of fans and most of those fans should give Starfire a shot since it’s written with the same voice with an art style that matches the tone. The way that Starfire is presented in this series, although different than she’s been in the past, will most likely win over many new and longtime fans. This Starfire is one that’s a cross between the one seen in DC’s traditional Teen Titans, and the one that’s been watched in the ultra popular Teen Titans Go and that a good thing! I’m looking forward to future issues and hoping that Starfire will have the same level of success that her writing team has had on the similar in tone Harley Quinn.

Reviewed by: Shawn Hoklas
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