Paper Girls #1 (Image)


CREDIT: Image Comics

Review: 5/5 – What the Heck is a Newspaper? Who Cares? Read This Series!
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Al Sparrow.

This falls into the “better late than never” category, since #2 came out last week, but I get my comics once a month from a mail order service (Hi, DCBS!) so I just recently read the first issue of this fabulous new series.  Brian K. Vaughan has a longstanding track record of delivering amazingness, and that hasn’t gone away here. Cliff Chiang’s hot off his work from DC’s Wonder Woman, and they’ve put together a double-sized book that Image must have made a mistake and priced at $2.99. You should go take advantage of that if you can still find a copy of #1.

Maybe you’re wondering what the book is about. Okay, well back before many of you were born, there were these things called newspapers. They were like newsfeeds but we printed everything on paper and every morning they had to be delivered by people, usually kids, that – because we were all sexist back then – were called paperboys. It was a great way for a young kid to learn entrepreneurship, make a little cash, and deal with paper cuts and dirty clothes from all the printer ink that’d come off on their hands.

Paper Girls focuses on a group of young girls who each have paper routes, and along the way there’s a time machine doohickey, some grotesque ninja-looking things, Satan shows up in the first few pages and…look, what do you want from me? It’s a Brian K. Vaughan book and nothing’s going to make complete sense in the first issue, even if it has more pages than your standard-sized comic! It’s also got characters I immediately liked and wanted to know more about, villains that gave me the creeps, and a storyline that’s paced so utterly perfectly I wish I had my copy of #2 now instead of when I get my shipment in several more weeks… Maybe I should get some paper girls to deliver my copy as soon as it comes out!

Reviewed by: Al Sparrow
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