Captain America: Sam Wilson #5 (Marvel)


CREDIT: Marvel Comics

Rating: 4/5 – An All New Falcon Appears Alongside Cap-Wolf!
By ComicSpectrum senior reviewer Shawn Hoklas.

Before the Secret Wars event started, there was a Captain America series that had Falcon taking over the mantle from an aged Steve Rogers. That series, written by Rick Remender and penciled by Stuart Immonen, only lasted six issues before Secret Wars reset the Marvel Universe. Now that Secret Wars is over, another new Captain America series has been launched, this time titled Captain America: Sam Wilson. So if Sam Wilson is no longer Falcon, who takes on that role? This issue provides that answer.

Now written by Nick Spencer with art by Paul Renaud, we see the new Falcon for the first time. He’s forced into action since Sam has been captured by Serpent Solutions, a new take on the Serpent Society. Nick Spencer, as he has in the previous four issues, includes a lot of dialogue and conversation to tell the story and it’s one I really enjoyed. Spencer has embraced one of Cap’s goofier past storylines as Sam Wilson is still in his Cap-Wolf form. After becoming the Cap-Wolf in issue number three, I’m honestly OK with Sam staying like this a while longer. Spencer has made it work and it has provided for fun writing AND  impressive visuals.

The same way Cap turned into Cap-Wolf ties directly into the new Falcon, and although we’ve seen him as a background/supporting character for the past couple issues, his appearance as the new Falcon didn’t come as any surprise. That doesn’t mean it was poorly written, it was a logical next step for the character and other than his design which looks a tad cheesy, in my opinion, I’m interested to read more about the character. I will point out that at times Spencer seems to force joke in the story.  While some add to the fun, others (like a reference to Mad Men) fall flat for me.

After Daniel Acuna left the book after just three issues I was disappointed to see him go, but have found myself really enjoying Paul Renaud’s art. His Cap-Wolf looks great and his drawings of an entire squad of the Serpent Society is even better! Like Cap-Wolf, I’d love to see these characters stick around a while longer, if only to see Renaud continue to draw them. They have such potential as a team and Renaud seems to have only scratched the surface with their designs. Overall I really enjoyed this issue and this series keeps on delivering winning stories by embracing an re-visiting some of Captain America’s most entertaining villains and craziest storylines from the past!

Reviewed by: Shawn Hoklas
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