The Legend of Wonder Woman #1 (DC)


Rating: 5/5 – A Legendary Story Worthy of the Title.
by ComicSpectrum EiC Bob Bretall

I’ve been skipping most of DC’s super-hero offerings of late, but had to check out this new title when I saw it was by Renae DeLiz.  I’ve been a fan of her artwork for many years, and here she is doing the story and pencil art, with her husband Ray Dillon on inks, colors, and letters.

I LOVED this comic.  Easily my favorite Wonder Woman comic since George Perez’s long run with the character.  This debut issue feature no appearances of Princess Diana in here Wonder Woman costume.  It’s telling her story, and by extension the story of the Amazons of Themyscira.  We see Greek gods, her mother Hippolyta, her birth and then spend about half the issue with Diana aged somewhere around 6 to 8 (as a guess).  It was wonderful.  DeLiz makes children look like children.  The looks of wonder, shock, joy, fear, etc. she puts onto character’s faces speak to me as true.  Body language, panel composition, it all works together to make a story that I thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish.

This comic won’t be for everyone as it focuses on telling a story and is not simply diving into super-hero action.  It’s this focus on telling the backstory of the character that makes this so compelling to me.  I’m looking forward to seeing the Princess Diana we are introduced to here grow up and become the hero we know as Wonder Woman.  I’m doubly interested in seeing the DeLiz interpretation of Wonder Woman as a character.  Extrapolating what I have seen in this debut issue, I’m predicting I will love it.  This comic was available digitally already and is being presented here in print form.  No spoilers, please, from people who have read it already, I want to enjoy the story as it unfolds for me in print of the next several months!  This is a comic that will jump to the top of my “to read” pile when the next issue shows up in a shipment of my new comics.

Reviewed by: Bob Bretall
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