Uncanny Avengers #6 (Marvel)


CREDIT: Marvel Comics

Rating: 4.5/5 – I Don’t Trust the Inhumans…
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Adam Brunell

A couple of weeks ago I had written a review of Uncanny Inhumans #5 and I had this funny feeling that the story line had little hidden meanings in it, almost like the Inhumans being on Earth with the Terrigen mists weren’t an accident. Maybe I over analyze a lot or maybe I was having a conspiracy moment, either way my feelings to not trust the Inhumans is growing; especially after reading Uncanny Avengers #6. To put it plainly, someone brings up the Terrigen mist and why the Inhumans haven’t done more on their part to resolve the issue. Medusa provides what seemed to me to be a rather shady reply, and that leads me to believe foul play is happening.

I’m finding the Uncanny Avengers series to be quite interesting. I’m digging Gerry Duggan writing Uncanny Avengers. Even with his hands full writing other comics, he still turns in series that entertains me here with artist Carlos Pacheco. Duggan addresses key things I was wondering about the team characters, such as how the mutants on the team are handling the Terrigen Mist situation, how the only Inhuman on the team is dealing with being on a team of Mutants who don’t really like that she’s Inhuman, what’s up with Quicksilver finding out he’s not Magneto’s son in AXIS, and Deadpool just not being liked by anyone. Reading this series is like watching a dysfunctional family, no one truly likes one another, they just deal with each other.

Artist Carlos Pacheco supplies amazing art, everything is very playful when it needs to be, and very serious when the time calls for it. Action scenes are easy to follow and nothing  ever seems to be a bad angle. The man is a veteran and the large history of work he has done leaves me looking at this series like it’s pure gold. I’m trying not to show that I’m a fan, but I’ve never seen a poorly drawn comic by Carlos Pacheco. Gerry Duggan and Carlos Pacheco are a dynamic duo of writing and art.

With Uncanny Avengers, Gerry Duggan is bringing a very chaotic story to readers.  Every team member has huge personal demons they are dealing with and I’m wondering if this team will survive. I’m following Inhumans, Uncanny Inhumans and Uncanny Avengers and I can honestly say I don’t trust the Inhumans. I can’t wait to see who leaves the team next; supposedly Steve Rogers will be his younger self again soon enough and I’m curious if that change will cause another reset on the series. I’m voting for that not to happen, but you never know, especially with the upcoming “Dead No More” event at Marvel.

Reviewed by: Adam Brunell
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