Snowfall #1 (Image)


CREDIT: Image Comics

Rating: 3.5/5 – An Eco-Comic Dealing With Global Warming.
by ComicSpectrum EiC Bob Bretall.

There’s a LOT of snow in this debut issue that is set in a world where it has been 10 years since any snow fell, following a climate “crash” brought on by global warming.  Snowfall is by the same team that brought us the ecologically focused series Great Pacific, Joe Harris and Martin Morazzo.  Harris has a knack for taking an ecological disaster and while it plays a key role in his story, it tends to be left just off-center while he weaves the main story in the world set up by the conditions he is shining a light on.

Morazzo’s art is clean and clear.  Expressive faces, nice body language, some nice camera angles, all helping move the story along, but Harris’ story scratches the surface of the bleak world of 2045 and didn’t really sell me on a lot of the premises.  Corporate America has taken over, which is a common theme in a number of near-future stories.  There are indications of changes all over the place, and while the world doesn’t seem wonderful it’s nowhere near as bleak as the corporate future in a book like Greg Rucka’s Lazarus.  But, there’s no reason it should be.  My reason for pointing it out at all is that I was hit by cognitive dissonance in this issue because the setup for the story is that it hasn’t snowed in 10 years, global warming is real, and the ‘Cooperative States of America’ are supposed to be oppressive (or at least not as ‘free’ as we’re currently used to).  But the story opens with snow falling. I never got a strong feeling of heat at any point in the issue, and the oppressive corporate overlords, while present, were not sold that convincingly.  There is a solid foundation for the story that’s going to be carried forward from this starting point but I felt like Harris could have sold the premise a bit more definitively before jumping into the snowstorm. Why it is suddenly snowing is the real crux of the story, but holding off on that until the world was a bit more firmly established would have been appreciated.

If you liked Harris & Morazzo’s ‘Great Pacific’, you give this a try.  The debut issue was not, in my opinion, as strong as the debut of Great Pacific, but the story still shows promise.  Morazzo’s art is a strong selling point for me, I really enjoy his visual storytelling.  I’ll be giving this series a few more issues to see if it can catch its stride.

Reviewed by: Bob Bretall
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