All-New Inhumans #5 (Marvel)


CREDIT: Marvel Comics

Rating: 3.5/5 – X-Force + New Mutants = All-New Inhumans.
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Adam Brunell

The All-New Inhumans aren’t that new.  It’s a new team, but team rosters change all the time.  I found a couple Inhumans I haven’t seen before, but that is to be expected with the Terrigen cloud still actively creating new Inhumans, or as they are called in the comic – Nuhumans. This team acts as a convoy that travels around the world in a big ship to find and welcome any Nuhumans found along the way, while establishing positive connections with world diplomats. The team assists with training, accepting and providing a safe haven for all Nuhumans they find. If any of this sounds familiar, it’s because it’s exactly what the X-Men have been doing for years. Instead of doing things in secret like Mutants have tended to do, the Inhumans have decided to be straight forward with the world as to who they are and why they are here. Maybe mutants got a bad reputation by labeling themselves “Homo superior”, when apparently they could have made things easier by just lying and saying they were scientific experiments by an alien race. Either way, the All-New Inhumans comics feel like a mix of X-Force meets the New Mutants.

The dialogue by James Asmus is well done, but the story felt like something I have read before. I’m 5 issues into this series and it feels too similar to the various X-Men titles, it would have been nice to have a distinctly different feel. As I sit and read this newest issue I’m waiting for an Inhuman with Magnetic abilities to show up with a group of Inhuman villains calling themselves, “The Brotherhood of Evil Inhumans”. Artist Stefano Caselli offers a nice setup on every page, but even the well done scenes, angles, and layout of the pages are not able to save a story line that resembles ones I’ve seen in numerous X-titles  for at least 20 years.

The All-New Inhumans are a more edgy team of Inhumans consisting of a very jaded leader (Crystal), the tough teacher in a wheel chair (Gorgon), an animalistic ops team leader (Naja) and a team of new and old students. It looks to me to be so similar to  Jean Grey, Charles Xavier and Wolverine with new bodies, a few new abilities and new style but the same concept. Like in the Agents of SHIELD television show where Inhumans are essentially filling the role of mutants since they don’t have the rights to use mutants on the series, it appears that this is Marvel’s way of mirroring that and having Inhumans step into a more “mutant like” role on the comics pages as well.

Reviewed by: Adam Brunell
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3 Responses to All-New Inhumans #5 (Marvel)

  1. Child of the Past says:

    I’m sorry this review is so jaded I don’t know how anyone can take it seriously. Crystal is literally nothing like Jean Grey, she isn’t the love interest of two male leads, she isn’t the host of an cosmic entity, she’s literally an ambassador with ties to royalty. Gorgon isn’t codling the new Inhumans and telling them they need to strive for equality with humanity. Naja doesn’t have memory loss, she isn’t a mindless berserker and she can regenerate from any wound. You’re using the most superficial of similarities to compare the to properties only because you’ve accepted the assumptions plaguing the Complex as fact. The Devils in the details and if you’re choosing to ignore them then that’s on you. Hell, Gorgon has been training Inhumans for years but now he’s Prof X because he’s in a wheelchair: flawless logic my friend. Their personalities are nothing alike and their methods are equally different. Gorgon was a warrior for most of his life and now he’s having to deal with figuring out his identity without the part of his identity. The Inhumans get respect from other nations because unlike the X-Men they have the resources and the technology to be self sustaining. They are quite literally a sovereign nation. This is why they can’t be like the X-Men or the X-Force. They have to act diplomatically in many situations, like in the previous arc and this issue, if they behaved like the X-Men they would likely start a war. I really don’t understand how people have allowed them selves to give into speculation like this. It only serves to cloud the reality of the situation. Honestly, you barely mentioned anything about the issue itself, you only mentioned how this compared to the X-Men. Instead of letting other potential readers decide for themselves if there are similarities you’ve basically told them there are and thus tainted the waters.

    • I think you may give our reviews credit for a bit too much if you think we’re going to be influencing people on a mass basis 😉

      There is an element of opinion in any review. We try to do “pure opinion” less than some sites and make sure we comment on the contents of the issue being review, but this review may have strayed a bit more in the “lots of opinion” direction, as I think it’s a valid point that more time was spent comparing it to X-Men than specifically critiquing the issue in hand.

      That said, one other parallel with X-Men is that the ONLY time I ever get really long comments like this is when we have reviewed X-Men comics and not given them top scores 😉

    • Wat says:

      “Instead of letting other potential readers decide for themselves if there are similarities you’ve basically told them there are and thus tainted the waters.”

      …Isn’t the whole point of a site like this to get other peoples opinions?

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