Uncanny X-Men #6 (Marvel)


CREDIT: Marvel Comics

Rating: 4/5 – The Apocalypse War Begins!
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Adam Brunell

When Cyclops was leading the team this group was a bunch of revolutionaries for mutants everywhere, but they ended up being a team of mislead renegades and killers. Cyclops left a stain on this team, a stain so bad that even some of the old Uncanny teammates can’t stand being near each other. With Cyclops of Earth-616 dead, the Uncanny X-Men team is now being led by Magneto, but this team feels more like a democracy than anything else. Magneto is kept in constant check by Psylocke, who is also keeping Archangel in check. This team is doing their own thing, and it seems to be what needs to be done.

Diving into Uncanny X-Men with writer Cullen Bunn behind the wheel brings me back to the feeling I had in 2010-2012 when Rick Remender was writing Uncanny X-Force. The Uncanny team is working behind the scenes to deal with mutant issues with extreme prejudice. Maybe the entire team doesn’t want to be this deadly team, but that’s how it seems to be playing out. It’s either kill or be killed, this is war and every move they make can put them or someone else in a body bag. Bunn’s dialogue is great and there is always something unexpected happening.  Artist Ken Lashley takes over this issue from artist Greg Land, though Land is still doing the cover art. Both artists have done a good job showing this as a survival comic, war is hell and dark. Just when you see a glimpse of sunlight, you are pulled back into the fray. The world has become a wasteland of war and hope for the mutant species, both artists shows that war, that pain and that sorrow in the story beautifully. These are dark days and it shows it.

Issue 6 brings us into the Apocalypse War, but there is no Apocalypse yet, unless you count Archangel who is shown as an empty husk controlled by Psylocke. The story seems to be centering on Archangel because he’s part of Apocalypse. It seems every couple of years Angel’s past life being part of Apocalypse comes back around like a revolving door.  I haven’t touched an Uncanny X-Men title since 2012, but this series has renewed my interest.  Cullen Bunn has made Uncanny X-Men a monthly grab for me.

Reviewed by: Adam Brunell
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